I heard your concern on public radio over tourists not being able to visit Fla due to gas costs. You also discussed opening up the coast to drilling.

You are correct about not thinking to lowering gas prices by your drilling hopes, but just putting your hope in finding some gas so tourists can keep coming to see your great state. As the old wells deplete, we will need new wells just to 'try' and stand still.

I have given up my diving trips to Ginnie Springs and many of the other springs in Fla. The last trip in '07 gas was at $2.85 and that was about all I could afford. Can't drive 2400 miles at $4 a gallon. In addition, they want $50 to $60 day just to park my little cracker box trailer even if I don't use the utilities. Well something has to give with all these high costs of living, so my yearly trips to Fla has stopped.

But besides my problems, what about the multitude of motels, hotels and travel dependent business along the pilgrimage route to Fla? How will these fair when we are all electric and batteries with 30 to 40 miles ranges? So you wont be the only one hurting FLA. We are all in this together. (Well, crude rich Texas may be above the pain somewhat.)

Yes, many changes in store for us...and thanks for the memories FLA.


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They say, no matter where you are in Florida, you are no more than 90 miles from the coast. So with recharging stations at all the rest areas, I can make it down to Panama City only stopping twice.


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