Stanley Meyer was an inventor ahead of his time. In the early 1990's he patented a unit which used unconventional methods to separate water into the elements of hydrogen and oxygen on board the hydrogen fueled vehicle replacing gasoline with water.

The US Department of Energy Renewable Energy Laboratories admits that little is known about the science behind Mr. Meyer's inventions. Mr. Meyer's untimely death gives one pause to get involved. Each time I have attempted a discussion about the viability, the concept is quickly dismissed as impossible based on laws of physics. However, I have yet to find any credible scientific organization that has attempted to understand the work of Mr. Meyer and his on board water splitting device. Those who quickly dismiss it without study are what I refer to as "domestic terrorists" interested only in keeping the USA dependant on oil. This kind of negativity breeds my positive outlook that a long term solution is near, if not at hand.

Mr. Meyer's patents became public property in the Spring of 2007. Attached is one the later patents for your consideration. You are the owner of this patent and other Stanley Meyer patents. You are encouraged to exploit them for the common good.

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Hey, go to:
I am thinking of having my car converted.
The story of how came into this information is very bizzare. My former employer, a global aerospace company with a fuel system division, went to extremes to interfere with my ability to bring this information to light. One executive even lied under oath while giving testimony about the entire episode.
Other sources of information regarding Stanley Meyer never discuss this particular combination of his patents. I am no scientist. The source of this information and the events surrounding it coming into my possession lead me to believe that it is and was not a hoax.
In our private discussions about the Stanley Meyer water fuel cell the aerospace executive was very interested in having me discredit the person who gave me this information. He insisted that it was merely a financial fraud scheme. He wanted me to say that the exchange I had was all about the person wanting to sell me the information. I am confident that when he reported the discussion to his superiors, he manipulated the truth to fit his needs. No one other than him ever inquired and I was instructed to keep silent. The person who shared this information with me never asked for any money and never expects to get any money.


In summary:
I agree with you, water is the best alternative for cars. For one thing it seems to be the best alternative as far as adapting cars that are already on the road.

My orginal post was on Burning Salt Water. Check it out: I love the idea of producing electricity by wind power as I live in Florida and we are surrounded by water and get lots of wind. This certainly is a win, win situation for us. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I don’t feel qualified or educated enough to be an oganizer but would be glad to help someone who is qualified.

I would like to say we need to consider all alternative sources of energy. Mr John Kanzius is a retired engineer who has been looking for a cure for his cancer. In the process he may have found a cure for most diseases eventually and quite by accident found out how we can burn salt water using radio waves. Mr Kanzius has been featured on Sixty Minutes and Fox News so this is not a hoax. There are many videos on Utube about Mr. Kanzius, please check them out at www.youtube.com. Just go to the top of the page and type in Kanzius.

Let’s show those people in the Middle East what made this country great. It wasn’t our government; it was and is the people in this great county of ours. We teach our children to love their God, their Country and their Families not to hate anyone who is different from us.

Let me know what you think!
Hydrogen torches that generate hydrogen fuel from distilled water have been in use for decades.

Here's a link: http://www.plasticsmag.com/ta.asp?aid=3172

The theory is fairly simple. If you can separate hydrogen from oxygen using less energy than the energy created from combusting the separate elements, you have a virtually unlimited source of cheap,and self sustaining energy.

It looks like Myers may have worked out a system to do this efficiently and reliably.

Given the amount of money oil companies would potentially lose if we could simply fill our cars with distilled water, and drive off with zero emissions, I find it tragic and somewhat curious that Mr. Meyers met and untimely end.
Meyers met an untimely death as many other great scientists have. It is a reflection of the nature of our world, at the time being anyway.

We are standing of the precipice of a major paradigm shift. Only if the most forward thinking people can be heard and utilized and survive will we make the progress necessary to save ourselves. Pickins is like a traitor to his own kind it seems to me. We need more like him. Folks like Meyers, although brilliant did not have the financial nor political strength to survive.

Anyway, I just posted this to bump this page back up to the top.
An addendum to my last post:

First, I don't see oil companies as villains, I see them as the best avenue, and co-beneficiarys of a conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen power.

From the time I first laid eyes on a hydrogen torch, I wondered why we weren't using this technology to provide fuel for our vehicles. It just seemed like a no brainer.

This is probably a bit simplistic, but this was and is my vision:

Upsize and modify the hydrogen torch or similar system to provide a hydrogen oxygen fuel source for existing (appropriately modified) internal combustion engines, including those in our own cars and trucks. Convert or replace the existing gas tanks to distilled water tanks.

Heres how it would work: Fuel pump one delivers H2O to the hydrogen oxygen generator. Fuel pump two delivers hydrogen oxygen mixture to the existing internal combustion engine. A generator powered by the internal combustion engine delivers a constant source of power to the hydrogen oxygen separator and fuel delivery system. The engine doesn't care whether it is burning hydrogen or gasoline, It delivers power with emissions consisting of mostly harmless water vapor.

Use existing filling station infrastructures to phase into hydrogen fuel by adding pumps that simply deliver distilled water in the same way gasoline is pumped. The "fuel" will have to be refined from readily available sources (sea water desalination, and distillation). These refineries would be self sustaining, hydrogen powered facilities.

The "fuel" is delivered to filling stations via established, and traditional infrastructure, Pipelines, tanker trucks, rail, etc.

The oil companies have a brand new product to sell, and a reason to develop more and better infrastructure. The government has a source of tax revenue to replace income lost as the result of declining demand for fossil fuels, and we get to drive our cars without sending our money offshore. It's win, win, win.. all the way.

If we can dream it, we can do it.
Please read my dads patent and give me your honest opinion. Thank you.

My honest opinion is that people have told me the US Patent Office has patented hundreds of perpetual motion machines and I believe them.

Check out the Wall Street Journal article titled "Who's Going to Fund the Next Steve Jobs? - Opinion by James Freeman, July 18, 2008. His tag line is to blame Sarbanes-Oxley and Elliot Spizer stifling American innovation Both these endeavors regarded the prosecution of BIG BUSINESS. BIG BUSINESS fails to innovate all by iteself. Small business is thrown under the bus long before Sarbanes-Oxley and criminal prosectutions are a worry.

The key challenge lies in our personal choice desire and ability to put the good ideas into practice and make them reality. We can do this, as Mr. Pickens points out, but all our discretionary money is going to people severly invested in status quo. Our banks have been unable to take any risks. This is especially true since 09/11

Have you seen the Discovery Channel story about the invento TESLA? It is an eye opener about how stagnant innovation have been in the last three decades. We've since computers get smaller - whopeee!

Here is some information about an upcoming microhydro workshop in Boone, North Carolina. It seems to be similar kind of thinking like your design.



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