While I do no think Tennessee is the best place for wind power in the
United State. The Tennessee Valley Authority Has had Wind Mills at
least 18 at the Buffalo Mountain. These Windmills have been in use
since the year 2000. I believe more can be build and used. I do not
know if the hills of east Tennessee or the flat areas of the west
Tennessee would be best.Any and all opinion would be of help I would
like to get info and show it to friend,and leaders in my area.

Respectfully ,

Ed Grubbs
Hermitage, Tn.

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First, you are correct in saying that Tennessee is not as windy as Kansas or Oklahoma, however, Tennessee is fortunate enough to have a wind resource that can benefit its electricity grid and protect customers, and TVA, from rising fuel costs. It will also grow rural economies.

The Tennessee Valley Authority believes it can cost effectively harness 8,000 GWh of wind energy, which is nearly the amount of hydro the TVA currently uses. This would power approximately 800,000 average American homes (assuming they average 10,000 kWh / year).

This is around 5% of future energy use for TVA. While it doesn't sound like much, add wind to hydro, and incorporate efficiency (Tennessee uses more energy/capita that another other state in the US), and all the sudden we can get between 10-15, maybe 20% from these sources alone.

Please visit http://www.tennesseewind.org to learn more about wind in Tennessee.

And to answer your question, elevations over 3,000 feet are typically best for large commercial scale wind projects, although, small and medium systems may be adaquate in far west Tennessee.
thank you very much you message has been very helpful. I noticed on a govt wind
map I got . Their was one area around cleveland , Tn that was really rated high..
with the rest being 3,4 or a little 5. Is their now orare their any plan to put any wind mill in the cleveland , area of Tennessee.


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