Microturbines an AE Reality-Tech solution with a 2-4 year ROI

Build Baby Build, using today's extremely reliable, proven, clean, affordable and available Reality-Tech AE solutions. Build Baby Build and create the next industrial revolution.

We should be removing our businesses from the grid not adding to an  outdated costly inefficient electric grid. Why are we waiting for the utilities or the government to build grid infrastructure in anticipation of some unknown future-tech energy solution. Why are we waiting for future-tech battery breakthrough for the next EV. Why are we waiting when we already have the technology available today for HEV fleets, marine fleets, bus fleets and trucking fleets. We already have distributed energy solutions, integrated cooling, heating and power (ICHP), affordable solutions that will pay for themselves with a return on investment (ROI) of 3-4 years....ROI never a government priority or even a government consideration.

Government is always "investing", our grandchildren's money, in the carrot of Future tech, always a year, two years or more away, when we need the jobs, national security and a cleaner environment TODAY. We need a return on investment (ROI), not a special interest sinkhole.

Cut, Federal, State, local taxes 100%, and Cut regulation expenses and fees by 100% on ALL AE infrastructure, new construction, labor and remodeling-retrofits. Zero taxes for the purchase and the sale of AE equipment . Zero taxes on the sale and purchase of AE power. Give our corporations and businesses the green ($$$) incentive to build TODAY using currently available Reality Technology's...LIKE microturbines

Capstone MicroTurbine solutions help you improve your operation by putting you in control of your energy costs. Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put the Capstone MicroTurbines
in a class of their own. By integrating an aero-based turbine engine, a
magnetic generator, advanced power electronics, and air bearing technology,
Capstone MicroTurbines are an ideal solution to today’s distributed
generation needs. Our MicroTurbines have just one moving part, no gearbox or
other mechanicals, and use no lubricants or hazardous materials, resulting in
minimal maintenance while providing reliable, dependable performance.

Capstone MicroTurbines can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels and emit very low emissions, making Capstone a clean, green, reliable source of energy. The MicroTurbines can be installed individually or
multi-packed and can function in parallel or independent from the grid. Our
MicroTurbines are compact, lightweight, affordable, quiet and provide a robust
and reliable solution to your energy needs.

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Help support tax cuts for CHP (Combined Heating and power), also know as CCHP (Combined Cooling Heat and Power) and ICHP (Integrated Cooling Heat and Power)

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to revise the energy tax credit for investment in combined heat and power system property to: (1) increase the capacity limitations for such property; and (2) expand the definition of such property to include property which produces electrical or mechanical energy from recovered waste energy using back-pressure turbines, rankine, sterling, kalina, or other heat engines.

The Bill H111-4144:

Your Congressional Representative:
Hybrid Buses selling with hybrid trucks soon to follow.

DesignLine International hybrid buses are coming to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.

Each bus costs $535,000, for a total contract of $2.68 million. The airport will provide $1.68 million for the hybrids and use a $1 million stimulus grant for the rest of the expense.

Charlotte City Council members agreed to the purchase Monday night in a split vote. Councilmen Edwin Peacock, Warren Cooksey and Andy Dulin voted against the deal.

Mayor Anthony Foxx, who works in the Charlotte bus maker’s corporate legal department, didn’t participate in the discussion or vote, stepping down from the dais during that part of the council meeting.

The stimulus money for the buses comes from a $12 million grant the U.S. Department of Energy allocated for the Carolina Blue Skies and Green Jobs Initiative. The Centralina Council of Governments’ Clean Fuels Coalition received $2.1 million from that program, designating $1 million for the local airport’s hybrid-bus transaction.

The airport will use the buses for its shuttle operations that transport travelers to and from Charlotte/Douglas parking lots. The vehicles replace diesel-fuel buses in the airport’s fleet.

The city didn’t seek bids for the hybrid buses, saying the grant specified the purchase of DesignLine buses. DesignLine’s hybrid system is considered unique because it uses a fuel-burning turbine with a braking system that recharges its electric drive train.

The airport already has a pair of DesignLine buses in its fleet, purchased in 2007.

Capstone Turbine Corporation, manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has announced they're partnering with CalMotors, maker of traction drive systems, to offer a full line of turbine-powered Hybrid Electric Drive Solutions. The two companies plan to produce systems for small-to-mid-size automobiles (like the CMT-380 hybrid-electric sports car, maybe?) all the way up to Class 8 tractor trailer trucks and even marine applications. Darren Jamison, Capstone President and CEO, says the partnership will give Capstone an entry point into the growing hybrid electric vehicle market. The CalMotors agreement covers a wide range of traction motors, from 70kW models to more than 300kW. This should give the two companies a wide net to cast into the new and retrofit hybrid market says Jim Crouse, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Capstone:



http://WindEnergy7.com - Home Wind Turbines, We have patented the home wind turbine kit for people to easily install and deploy a home wind turbine. Home wind turbines for business, farm, and residential. Our home wind turbine is a precision machined and well balanced home wind turbine. Our patented rooftop home wind turbine kits have hybrid wind/solar technology. We invented the only rooftop home wind turbine that's safe and quiet for your home, certified in every state to 130mph.

WindEnergy7 LLC is an Ohio based manufacturer of home wind turbine kits that are sold online. We patented our home wind turbine inventions, home wind turbine kits that make rooftop wind possible. We have a growing dealer network of individuals in the US who use our home wind turbines, an installed base stretching from Hawaii to Massachusetts, Canada, Europe. Many customers have found it easy to become customer/dealers with our home wind turbine training.

Our home wind turbine systems all qualify for the IRS 30% small wind tax credit which pays for 30% of your home wind turbine and installation costs.

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I like it! ...an alternator with a tail, prop and pivot...what could be simpler?


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