WINDSPIRE.INFODistibuted by WSM MARKETINGGROUP.Bill mollring mrbillmaui@yahoo.com


WINDSPIRE.INFODistibuted by WSM  MARKETINGGROUP.Bill mollring mrbillmaui@yahoo.com

Mariah Power's Windspire is coming designed for individual homes business farm,ranches Watch for us on Maui contact: Bill MollringWSM MARKETING www.push.pickensplan.com/group/mariahpower mrbillmaui@yahoocom 402 884-2217 or 831 402-2037

Website: http//:www.mariahpower.com http://push.pickensplan.com/profile/billmollring http://www.
Location: Kihei Maui, Hawaii - Monterey, California, Omaha, Nebraskahttp//:www.mariahpower.com
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Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2014

Chinook Energy is ready Willing and Able to help you with any power requirement. Aloha, Bill Mollring

For information on Mariah, Jacobs, and other the best of other top lines of equipment please give me a call 308 882-2902 or email at: mrbillmaui@yahoo.com or call Roy(Chinook Energy) at 970 520-6088 coloradowindturbines.com Haxtun, Colorado.

Chinook Energy Thanks to the great wind from yesterday the Jacobs 31-20 at Holyoke Colorado had a record output, 338.9 kW-hr. For comparision a very energy efficient home could use that in a month or an average home uses that in about 10 days. if you want to watch the production the link is attached.Southeast Colorado RC&D - "Granting Ideas Deserved Opportunity"
Southeast Colorado Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D), which operates as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, wom

For complete information on Models,available phases,generator sizes costs installed, lifetime costs, Costs minus tax credits and much more please contact me at: billmollring@yahoo.com or 831 883-0011 or contact Roy at Chinook-energy.com Watch for more information, photos and video coming to Facebook an utube soon. We carry, instal and service over a dozen wind turbines anywhere in the world for any power requirement. Our turbines are mnufactured in the U.S., Canada, Scotland, and Denmark We have the information, the skill and the resources to supply your needs. Give us a call or email. Thanks and Aloha! Bill Mollring

Aloha, Are you interestested in learning how the Mariah Windspire or Jacobs can work for you? We are now installing Windspires in Northern California, Nebraska and Southeastern Colorado. We can produce wind powered electricity for any size home or business. Please contact me here or at: billmollring@yahoo.com (C) or 308- 883-0011 (Office) or 970 520-6088 or 831 402-2037.


his is another GREAT way to enlighten Friends, Family, neighbors as to what this is all about.

Keeping $700 Billion in this country each year.

American Energy Independence

No more Foreign Dependence.


Windspire Logo l


Click Here!

Windspire Now Qualifies for $3000 Rebate in California



Mariah Windspire featured on ABC's "Extreme makeover" this Sunday evening May 17. One more step toward sustainable Energy. Hope you will watch.Aloha!

Windspire will be featured on a special episode of ABC's "20/20" on June 19th at 10/9C. The episode highlights the impact the new Windspire manufacturing facility is having in Michigan by putting ex-autoworkers back to work.



Nevada Wind Turbine Maker To Build Windspires In Manistee

MANISTEE - A Nevada manufacturer will partner with a Manistee tooling maker to build more urban-friendly vertical wind-turbines in this Northern Michigan community that will generate hundreds of new jobs after the Manistee County Board approved a $400,000 grant Tuesday.

Mariah Power of Reno, Nevada, approved the partnership with MasTech Manufacturing Inc. in Manistee on Monday night, contingent upon commission approval of the grant, Commission Chairman Allan O'Shea said in an email message to MITechNews.Com. O'Shea also said Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm phoned Mariah Power Owner Mike Hess to assure him his company was very welcome in Michigan. MITechNews.Com was unable to reach Hess for comment on Tuesday.

Earlier Hess had expressed concern that his company's bid to come to Michigan had become a political hot potato after Mariah's bid for a $2 million grant from Michigan's 21st Century Jobs Fund was rejected by a screening board. The screening board, selected by the Michigan legislature, didn't believe Mariah could meet its sales projections, even though the company has a backlog of more than 3,500 orders, or more than a year's production.

With a $400,000 Community Development Block Grant now approved by the Commission, Mariah will work with MasTech to build vertical wind axis called Windspires. The unit stands about 30 feet high and operates with three sets of airfoils that catch wind and rotate around a vertical axis.

The Windspire turns a 20-foot tall rotor that generates electricity, and an inverter converts electricity from direct current to alternating current for residential or commercial use. The unit can generate approximately 2,000 kilowatt hours per year with average winds speeds of 12-mph, and sells for around $5,000, plus installation costs.

The joint venture will create 40 plus jobs initially with the promise of 120 new jobs in this rural region near Lake Michigan within three years. Michigan would be the only place in the world where this cutting-edge, clean technology will be built, said MasTech Operations Manager John Holcomb. Together, Mariah and MasTech will now partner with Mariah to churn out 300 Windspires each month, with plans to expand production to more than 1000 a month by 2011.


We have received a little help from Congress and we need to keep the pressure on them to keep the Alternative Energy Industry alive. Why they cannot see this is beyond me. Keep in front of them to allow long term tax credits. One year for Wind is a joke. If we ever needed the Pickens Plan to apply its force on Congress, it is now! We need millions of people not thousands to create a loud and convincing voice. It is vital to the industry and millions of potential jobs.
For complete Windspire information you can now go directly to our website at:
www.mariahpower.com You can also call the corp office at 775 831-9463 for information on purchasing the Windspire and/or if you are interested in becoming a dealer. Ask for Bob Holland.


Windspire to be Featured on ABC's 20/20

20/20 LogoWindspire will be featured on a special episode of ABC's "20/20" on June 19th at 10/9C. The episode highlights the impact the new Windspire manufacturing facility is having in Michigan by putting ex-autoworkers back to work.

Google's Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal initiative focuses on solar thermal power, advanced wind, EGS and other potential breakthrough technologies. Google has set a goal to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy capacity, enough to power a city the size of San Francisco, in years, not decades.

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Comment by William Engwer on August 27, 2011 at 1:40pm

Hey, is anyone getting all the spam I'm getting from Timothy Hank? It's being forwarded from this group, and though I've complained to the community guidelines "report an issue" at the bottom of this page, for WEEKS, no one has done anything about it. I've been a member of Pickens Plan from the beginning, and I didn't sign on to be targeted by mindless e-mail marketing scams. Anyone else?


Comment by Eric Koch on December 22, 2010 at 12:11pm
Comment by Darron Morris on May 17, 2010 at 7:44pm
I was a resident of Pennsylvania when I joined this group, I have since moved to upstate New York. My wife and I have decided to build a home here and stay in this area. Since I am a permanently disabled veteran due to my volunteering to deploy to Iraq for what turned out to really be a needless war for oil, I feel very strongly about ending our dependence on oil full heartedly support many environmental changes towards greener, sustainable and responsible lifestyles! Our new home will not be merely a house but a completely green, zero carbon footprint home with LEED Platinum rating if possible. I hope to achieve this by using a very efficient passive solar home design and taking advantage of everything available in the way of PV panels, wind turbines, solar heated water, radiant floor heating and cooling the list goes on! I am currently in the process of trying to start a sustainable spray foam insulation company and would like to also be a representative for many of the products that my home showcases. In the case of the Windspire Wind Turbines I plan to use more than one on our property and would like to sell and install them to those interested as well. Our home is perfectly located on the shore of Lake Ontario and would be an ideal place to use and showcase the turbines. I checked to make sure nobody was already setup in my immediate area and found out the the closest dealer is over seventy miles away and in another country (Canada). Much to my surprise and dismay I was sent an email telling me that the dealer network is not being expanded at this time but I could feel free to use the internet to find a dealer or call a toll free number to get dealer contact information! I thought this was an American Company with a real product that wants to break into the marketplace! Was I just unlucky and had either the wrong person or someone having a bad day answer my request? Or is there another side to the story that I do not know about? I just don't understand the company's position or response!
Comment by Bill Mollring on May 17, 2010 at 12:24pm
12459 Country Road 3
Haxtun CO 80731
Model Swept Area Tower Options
Windspire 1.2g 1200 80 2050 United States 30 – 50 feet 1 28 $12,500 $0.30 $0.21
1600 73 2479 Canada 30 – 120 feet 1 23 $14,000 $0.28 $0.20
Proven 7 3200 103.6 5627 Scotland 30 – 120 feet 1 27 $40,000 $0.36 $0.25
3500 135 7447 Canada 30 – 120 feet 1 35 $22,500 $0.15 $0.11
5200 211 7410 Netherlands 30 – 120 feet 1 28 $40,000 $0.27 $0.19
Proven 11 6000 255.6 9526 Scotland 30 – 120 feet 1 27 $55,000 $0.29 $0.20
10200 426 26156 Netherlands 30 – 120 feet 1 27 $85,000 $0.16 $0.11
11000 1425 35263 Denmark 60 – 130 feet 1/3 - $110,000 $0.16 $0.11
Proven 35 15000 684.5 30895 Scotland 60 – 140 feet 1/3 25 $125,000 $0.20 $0.14
Jacobs 31-20 25000 754 32070 United States 80 – 140 feet 1 - $100,000 $0.16 $0.11
100000 3725 158135 United States 120 feet 3 - $550,000 $0.17 $0.12
All turbines sold include a 5 year warranty
All turbines are UL rated
Price does not include any local rebates
production @ 12
Country of
Wind Speed
Cost for
Lifetime Cost
per kW-hr
Lifetime Cost
w/ 30% Tax
Raum 1.3
Raum 3.5
Fortis Montana
Fortis 10
Gaia 11
Northwind 100
Generator Size – Listed in watts, this is the maximum that the system could output.
Not really important for choosing a turbine but needed when looking at the site to make
sure that the transformer is the proper size.
Governing Wind Speed – This is the wind speed that the wind turbine starts to shut
down to protect itself. The higher the speed the more energy it will produce on very
windy days. Some turbines are designed to continue to produce in the highest winds
but this is only found on larger models.
Swept Area – Listed in square feet this is the most important indicator of production
on a small wind turbine. The power output is a function of the area and a larger area
allows similar sized generators to be more efficient at lower speeds.
Cost for Average Install – This is an average install on a moderate sized tower and an
average foundation costs. This is a turnkey installation including the interconnection
wiring and proper switches. The cost could increase due to the specific conditions of
your site.
Average Production @ 12 mph – 12 mph is usually the lowest accepted average
wind speed that a turbine should be installed in. There are some turbines that produce
lower but it is generally discouraged. This number is a good figure to use to compare
two turbines because it eliminates many of the variables that can distort turbine
Lifetime Cost per kW-hr – This finds the cost of each kW-hr produced by the a
system over an expected 20 yr life. This doesn't take any rebates or other incentives
into account, but gives a measure of how systems compare against each other.
Tower Options – The minimum height of a tower should be at least 30 feet taller than
any object within 500 feet up wind. It is recommended that a turbine should be placed
on the tallest tower possible. The only exception for this is Windspire 1.2g, it is to be
used in urban settings.
Lifetime Cost w/ 30% tax credit – This is the lifetime cost including the 30% tax
credit that is available from the federal government. This doesn't include any tax credits
for production or any state rebate that is available. It also does not include the revenue
from the sale of green renewable energy credits.
Comment by Eric Koch on April 6, 2010 at 6:52pm
I'm going to be pouring 5 piles, this spring, for future windspire installation on my class 3 site in Wisconsin....and i have a couple of questions,,,

1) assuming 90 deg. spacing, what is the bolt circle R?...also,what size threaded rod should i use?,and how far should they protrude from the pile, and what is the recommended height of the threaded rod/ re-bar weldment?

2) is the 240 Vac standard windspire yet available? and if so, is tagged 14/2 G okay, or does protocol require 14/3 G?....and more importantly, who, if anyone makes a 10 A double pole....i might just go with the 120 Vac windspires, 12/2 G, and 20 A single poles...

EWK...(aka. the rulgert)
Comment by Jerry McDonald on March 2, 2010 at 9:12am
We are on the edge of winning the Pepsi RefreshEverything competition with our entry. If we do we'll train young people how to operate CNG & LNG fuel stations.

Follow this link and vote 1 time a day until March 31.
Comment by Tom Bailey on January 16, 2010 at 6:24am
The latest petition " Energy indepenence now petition" is a new one we all need to sign.

Please take a second to do it.
Thanks for all you are doing as the labor continues!

Best; Tom
Comment by siozenh4x0r on January 11, 2010 at 12:56pm
"I walk across the dreaming sands under the pale moon: through the
dreams of countries and cities, past dreams of places long gone and
times beyond recall."

*Want to make your car run off of water? You can with HHO!

*Want your fruits and vegetables right at hand when you need them
most? Learn to grow a food forest!

*Learn about cures to cancer and aids, improve your overall health:

*Learn about natural medicine:

Please donate time/resources to The Sandman Project's effort to keep the public
informed on greener energy alternatives, real events, and important
Comment by Robert Schultz on July 22, 2009 at 1:53pm
Hi Bill, thought I'd join your group. Need a salesperson/marketing rep in WA state? I actually do some graphic design and make holographic stickers at my day job.
Comment by Bill Mollring on June 1, 2009 at 2:59pm
Windspire will be featured on a special episode of ABC's "20/20" on June 19th at 10/9C. The episode highlights the impact the new Windspire manufacturing facility is having in Michigan by putting ex-autoworkers back to work.

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