According to the 2001 US Census bureau, there were 107 million households in the US. Of those
66.9 million had natural gas piped to them..
75.6 million were owner occupied. (separate information from other census reports)
Space heating accounted for the largest user of natural gas with 53,000 cuft per year
Water heaters come in next at 19,000 cuft per year.
All the rest (Stoves, gas logs, and dryers, etc) amount to only 8,000 cuft per year per household.
The average natural gas usage was 70,000 cuft per year per house, at a cost of $702
That equates to $9.98 per thousand thousand cubic ft.
Americans spent 46.98 BILLION on natural gas for household uses.
NOTE: Yes I know that if you add up the cuft numbers you come up with 80,000 cuft, I am just repeating the report ...

If you buy a home refueling appliance like the XQF-50 (see www.newgas.biz)you will have a rapid payback. It is designed to collect fifty "gallons" of natural gas per week from existing home gas line setups,or 6,000 cuft per WEEK of natural gas consumption.
That equates to $59.88 for fifty gallons or just over a dollar a gallon. (National average)
IT GETS BETTER!! The current price per thousand cubic feet recently reached a low of only $2.50 instead of $9.98.

When was the last time you spent $0.25 a GALLON for fuel for your car!!

The annual natural gas consumption of the XQF-50 running at capacity will be 312,000 cuft.
While this represents a 445% increase in natural gas usage, the design of the system will not tax the EXISTING pipeline infrastructure until we have about 65% of homeowners using it. Our ability to use a small compressor running long hours spreads the load out over the day. Most appliances use a lot of gas for short periods of time so the gas line system was designed to accommodate surge loads. Our system is designed to shut down in high demand situations. It is constantly monitoring household inlet pressure to make sure that it won't "suck out" pilot lights.

Like Natural Gas; It works! It is American, and with the recent natural gas finds in Hanville, LA We will have plenty of fuel for the foreseeable future.

If you could re-fuel your car AT HOME in less than FIVE MINUTES, would you ever go to a gasoline station??

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Great info, WK! ...and it gets even better. Southern California Gas Co. offers a REDUCED cost per therm (or whatever you measure gas by) when a private CNG refueling station is installed in your home. So if you're fueling your car AND cooking with gas, it will now be CHEAPER...is this a no brainer, or what?
I would be looking up for this.

I've added the XQF-50 to my CNG Fueling page.  Thanks for the lead.


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