I posted this article on my page to prompt ideas."The Truck Stop of the Future" I have received lots of good feedback on Twitter as I sent it around into different industries.

Remember to read the attached links in blue, I think it will inspire all of us to think outside the box and realize we really can achieve anything if we set our minds in motion.

Check out the comments, what are your ideas?

Here's another picture of the same parking are who provides "Shore Power" in each parking space for RV's, but look whats missing for commerical travelers who need to idle.

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This occurred to me before but as of yesterday when I read about the trouble with USPS , it seemed that satelitte offices would be a good addition to truck stops also.

I am forever trying to find a way to buy stamps and mail things where I can find a place to stop the truck.

Most of the time they only offer a house type mailbox out on the road which in not secure for mailing bills. They also only sell stamps from the old rickety machince that give only 2 for $1.50.

The USPS has not kept up with the times to find ways to make money in other markets.
My idea for a make shift truck stop was to set up portable power stations with batteries and solar panel and wind generator on a pole mount and set them up around perimeter of parking area that would serve truckers. These portables would be linked to form an electrical grid that could be shared. A portable building could be put up that would serve as a store for renting portable ac and heat units and for bathroom and showers...mini post office etc. There could be truck stop shuttles available to truckers for free if paying for parking, to take them to markets and other places of interest. This type of set up would avoid costly facilities, repair shops, restaurants etc. This idea, we would be taking truckers to different places in the area. This would be expecially interesting in the Sacramento area with all the museums and other attractions we have. Shoot the parking spot doesn't even have to be paved for this idea...just compacted etc.
What do you think?
Hi Wayne:
That is very simialr to my "Green Idea" that has been posted here since March I think.

I just posted an additional comment about the satellite units on my article "The Truck Stop of the Future"

My own company termianl could benefit greatly from portable, or satelitte units.

We have shuttle service at some of our terminals and having this at truck stops is a great idea.

I often walk or go on a public transportation adventure in places I am laid over and I post daily pictures of these adventures on Twitter.

I am @TruckerDesiree , are you on Twitter?

I sort of do a live 1 woman marketing focus group on supply chain logistics and transportation while I talk about other important topics.

Mike Johnston @Enki09 and Joel Harvey @KoolRigAPU and @AsktheTrucker are some of my best sources for information but this article had been "ReTweeted by a number of large organizations looking for solutions.

I like the idea of joining forces and exploring all ideas to find solutions
I was happy to see that Land Line Magazine had a paragraph ( 3rd form the bottom) describing your Green Idea. I was a bit confused though because the way it was written almost sounded like the idea is being used. You'd have to read it for yourself to figure it out.
Yes, I read the article and it mentions "The Nite System" but not Joel Harvey's Solar Technology APU which actually out performs "The Nite System" and provides Heat also.

Joel is on Twitter as I noted above and has a profile in this trucking forum.

Also, the landline article implies that my green idea is already in existence, which it is as I state, RV's are equipped now but Truck Manufacturers have not brought all the existing pieces of the puzzle in sync to stop idle emissions.

This will take some initiative on their part to see the bigger picture.

Landline's writer implies that my "Green Idea" exists right now but they do not mention any Truck Manufacturer that is doing this work right now, nor do they mention where such as truck could plug into as the present time which would be a suitable spot.

I'm curious where they got such information? Maybe my facebook fan page back in Feb?
It seems to me that power stations with and solar. But when see that we have 54 years of Naturel gas We need to start thinking about cargo trailers with soloar panel on the top to support batteries on th rig. Refrieration unit that you can take on and off the trailer' We should make partnerships with old competers to cut down on long run ie railroads If we put solars on the top of the trailer we could charge a back of batteries that when we need to pull off the road we can keep the engine warm and run the comforts of lifr to. I think that grants are great for small truckers but with Hunt it is a koan give a big company free money and tax right off is only going through money at a problrem and hope to it goes away, For the more fortunate truckers write off are the better way and the money gues back into the system' A weak dollars is great for selling goods overseas but your purchasing power to keep the trucks rolling on oil will effect us more than an other industary.
I am very interested in setting up a natural gas fuel truckstop / filling station
and electricity generating facility
on my property at the intersection of I 70 and I 77 in Ohio.
We have natural gas on site.
The freeways go all 4 directions across the United States.
I would like to do this in association with the Pickens plan.
Who do I talk to, where can I start?
Shon D. Lenzo
Freeway Development Corporation


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