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Are you interested in becoming an organizer in your area?
Tell us about your experience with alternative energy:
In 2005, John Phipps reported on U.S. Farm Report that "China has exhausted it's wheat reserves." Ethanol was being pushed by the government, and corn was taking silo space from wheat. Around this time was also the first time I heard the term "peak oil" It clicked in my brain at that moment that the price of pretty much everything was about to go up and we as a society might actually take some larger steps toward real renewables.
What excites you about this campaign?
It should finally open a national dialogue about what we want to do next.
What do you want to do to help?
Encourage people to drop out of this dying paradigm forcing the next one to approach more rapidly

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"The truth is really pretty simple; it's the mechanics of making it work that breaks men down." HST

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At 5:17pm on July 12, 2009, gogreensavepower said…
Thank you for the add. Come by and check us out www.gogreensavepower.com
At 8:45pm on June 29, 2009, Margaret Davis said…
Hi Eric,

Nice profile you have. I really like your view on things... Greener environment, eco-friendly cars and a lot more... Maybe you'd like to try flowmaster exhaust systems to make your car even more eco-friendly.
At 7:01am on May 18, 2009, Ed Gray said…
Hi Eric,
Nice to meet you- very nice profile presentation.
Since our school sent in our video last month (April), we've added a solar hot water, radiant space heating zone. It provides heat to the basement of the student built house. We also built a compost pile 'heater' that harvests domestic hot water for the house. Last week I was invited to the office of the Rockland legislature Chairwoman for a conference call on 'green roofs'- pretty neat stuff. We have the only grid-tied windmill in the lower Hudson Valley, 25 miles north of NYC. It is rated @ 1.8 kw, atop a 40' tower and powers 20 school computers. We're trying to be an exposition site for the next generation!
At 11:25am on March 27, 2009, KD Wildmo said…
Love your photo!
At 4:03am on March 23, 2009, Eric Lykins said…
Springtime is blooming on the first 100 days of the administration, and that means we are about due for some budget votes. Your elected representatives will be at home from Saturday, April 4th to Sunday, April 19th for the second district work period of the 111th Congress and Easter. "District work period" means that it is their job to talk to YOU during this time. If you need help finding the phone numbers or locations of your representatives' local offices I would be glad to personally help you, (short of driving you there:).

President Obama recently told Congress that turning the economy around "starts with energy," and we can let members of Congress know that we want energy to remain the number one focus - not just in speeches, but in the budget. The number one thing legislators like to brag about is how they voted against something that saved you money, but I am more interested in what they can build right now rather than what they can destroy.

You can read the entire budget at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/

A budget overview document is available at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/

Congressional schedule at http://www.thecapitol.net/FAQ/cong_schedule.html

The following is a press release from:

Office of the Press Secretary
SATURDAY, March 21, 2009

WEEKLY ADDRESS: President Obama to Focus on Budget Priorities Next Week
WASHINGTON " In his weekly address, President Barack Obama announced that in the coming week, he will highlight the core principles of his budget: cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term and making investments in long-delayed priorities like energy independence, education and health care reform. Making progress on these critical issues will end the bubble-bust cycle of the past and jumpstart our economy in the short term while laying the groundwork for America’s long-term prosperity.

The video can be viewed online at http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/09/03/20/A-Budget-Equal-to-the-Task-Before-Us/

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
Saturday, March 21, 2009
Washington, DC
Last week, I spent a few days in California, talking with ordinary Americans in town halls and in the places where they work. We talked about their struggles, and we talked about their hopes. At the end of the day, these men and women weren’t as concerned with the news of the day in Washington as they were about the very real and very serious challenges their families face every day: whether they’ll have a job and a paycheck to count on; whether they’ll be able to pay their medical bills or afford college tuition; whether they’ll be able to leave their children a world that’s safer and more prosperous than the one we have now.
Those are the concerns I heard about in California. They are the concerns I’ve heard about in letters from people throughout this country for the last two years. And they are the concerns addressed in the budget I sent to Congress last month.

With the magnitude of the challenges we face, I don’t just view this budget as numbers on a page or a laundry list of programs. It’s an e conomic blueprint for our future " a vision of America where growth is not based on real estate bubbles or overleveraged banks, but on a firm foundation of investments in energy, education, and health care that will lead to a real and lasting prosperity.

These investments are not a wish list of priorities that I picked out of thin air " they are a central part of a comprehensive strategy to grow this economy by attacking the very problems that have dragged it down for too long: the high cost of health care and our dependence on foreign oil; our education deficit and our fiscal deficit.
Now, as the House and the Senate take up this budget next week, the specific details and dollar amounts in this budget will undoubtedly change. That’s a normal and healthy part of the process.

But when all is said and done, I expect a budget that meets four basic principles:

First, it must reduce our dependence on dangerous foreign oil and finally put this nation on a path to a clean, renewable energy future. There is no longer a doubt that the jobs and industries of tomorrow will involve harnessing renewable sources of energy. The only questio n is whether America will lead that future. I believe we can and we will, and that’s why we’ve proposed a budget that makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy, while investing in technologies like wind power and solar power; advanced biofuels, clean coal, and fuel-efficient cars and trucks that can be built right here in America.
Second, this budget must renew our nation’s commitment to a complete and competitive education for every American child. In this global economy, we know the countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow, and we know that our students are already falling behind their counterparts in places like China. That is why we have proposed investments in childhood education programs that work; in high standards and accountability for our schools; in rewards for teachers who succeed; and in affordable college education for anyone who wants to go. It is time to demand excellence from our schools so that we can finally prepare our workforce for a 21st century economy.

Third, we need a budget that makes a serious investment in health care reform " reform that will bring down costs, ensure quality, and guarantee people their20choice of doctors and hospitals. Right now, there are millions of Americans who are just one illness or medical emergency away from bankruptcy. There are businesses that have been forced to close their doors or ship jobs overseas because they can’t afford insurance. Medicare costs are consuming our federal budget. Medicaid is overwhelming our state budgets. So to those who say we have to choose between health care reform and fiscal discipline, I say that making investments now that will dramatically lower health care costs for everyone won’t add to our budget deficit in the long-term " it is one of the best ways to reduce it.
Finally, this budget must reduce that deficit even further. With the fiscal mess we’ve inherited and the cost of this financial crisis, I’ve proposed a budget that cuts our deficit in half by the end of my first term. That’s why we are scouring every corner of the budget and have proposed $2 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade. In total, our budget would bring discretionary spending for domestic programs as a share of the economy to its lowest level in nearly half a century. And we will c ontinue making these tough choices in the months and years ahead so that as our economy recovers, we do what we must to bring this deficit down.
I will be discussing each of these principles next week, as Congress takes up the important work of debating this budget. I realize there are those who say these plans are too ambitious to enact. To that I say that the challenges we face are too large to ignore. I didn’t come here to pass on our problems to the next President or the next generation " I came here to solve them..
The American people sent us here to get things done, and at this moment of great challenge, they are watching and waiting for us to lead. Let’s show them that we are equal to the task before us, and let’s pass a budget that puts this nation on the road to lasting prosperity.
At 3:48pm on March 5, 2009, Armando Telles said…
Hello Eric,

In addition to reaching out and recruiting new and current members of our respective districts/regions, I'd like to invite Picken's Plan members to Palomar College, San Marcos,CA on April 22nd, 2009 (Earth Day) for an environmentally themed event. At this event, I would like to organize a body of Picken's Plan, clean & green driven members dedicated to District 49 and surroundiong areas. For 33,000+ students, this will be the first of many events taking place in district 49 that I can personally assure our members.

Anyone interested? I would be able to provide AT LEAST one booth (table, chairs, and possibly canopy) so we can provide information, as well as representation for the Picken's Plan for sustainable and environmentally efficient energy alternatives. I can be contacted at either my Picken's Plan page or at tellesaj2@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your committment to a brighter and cleaner future!

Armando Telles DL, District 49, CA
916) 230-1513
At 6:45pm on February 28, 2009, Ed Grubbs said…
Eric ,

"You can do anything in politics,if let someone else the credit, and you take the blame"
Please tell me how the vitural march on washington is
surpost to work, I am a little confused.
Ed Grubbs
At 1:51pm on February 23, 2009, Adam said…
Here is some info:

VIDEO of the very first design prototype:


An article recently published:
At 9:50am on February 21, 2009, Kim Anderson said…
Morning Eric!

Hope all is well. I was away for a week. Missed the PP gang.

Please stop by and CONGRATULATE and THANK our 2 newest 100CLUB members. These folks are building our members, and our influence, one new supporter at a time!

PAMELA BARNES and TOM SETTER are our 2 newest 100CLUB members. Pamela is an Arizona district leader, and Tom is in her district! What a team.



Hope you will thank them for their amazing efforts. Hope you will be iunspired by their success and join us in the 100CLUB.

Best to you!
At 6:47pm on February 20, 2009, Steven Nowak said…
Dear Eric Lykins:

I don't know Mike Johnston as to your reference to PP TV and widgets to me.

I do know that the PP has no "live" 24/7 TV widgets for audio/video. Events on a single day/time is nice like U-Tube achieves, however, it will never achieve the results that need a 24/7 video/audio interaction the army needs.

Note to Eric: This is being done today from engineers I know in the USA. "March Madness" college basketball tournament ring a bell?

I wish Boone can do this live 24/7 TV in his website community.

Maybe Mike can fine tune his widgets to do that, or call me with money I can use to build the servers to do it.

Steven Nowak

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