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Ambassador - Vt Pickens Plan Group Leader

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Are you interested in becoming an organizer in your area?
Tell us about your experience with alternative energy:
Not a lot. have researched some but didn't have the guts or capital to jump in and do something. I would Love to find a way I could ad Solar (wind would be hard to get approved in town) to my house and possibly getting involved in a local wind project.
What excites you about this campaign?
It has Backing!
It has Momentum!
It's Energy Independence!
It means more Clean Energy!
It is for the people, by the people!
What do you want to do to help?
Organize locally and online, build awareness and website traffic. I have webmaster, blogging and some SEO skills

Vermonters! Join the Vermont Leaders Group!

To keep our new group a close knit group of Vermonters I made the group by invitation only, You can request an invitation at the groups home page at http://push.pickensplan.com/group/vermontleaders , Join me as a Pickens Plan friend and I can invite you to the group, or send me your email address and I will invite you by email.

So far I have invited a very divers group of Vermonters which I hope to organize into groups to:
1. Simply Push Pickens Plan any way we can come up with.
2. Collect and organize programs and incentives already out there that Vermonters can use.
3.Help Develop new non profit and for profit programs to benefit Vermonters wanting to build renewable Energy projects.

Everyone can help with the cause! Simply invite friends, communicate with your local and state leaders, Start a local group, Help organize events in Vermont...... the list goes on...

Anyone with access to another web page, community profile, or other web space. Why not ad a Pickens Plan News Widget? It will bring in much more traffic than the badges will ever think of! It looks like this:

Scott Reynolds's Blog

The Price of Fuel Went Down. We Made A Difference!

The price of fuel has dropped. We all know it, I know. I have seen the difference in activity here in the Pickens Plan website. Like I posted earlier. We can not loose momentum if the price goes down! They still have control and we all know we are going to run out of oil if we do not change our ways!

Just because the strings on the pocketbook have been relaxed a little, don't give up or think you have done enough! It will slip right back to worse than we were before! We Can Not… Continue

Posted on October 28, 2008 at 10:52pm

Spreading Pickens Plan Accross the Internet

I am talking to some internet marketers about helping spread the Pickens Plan accross the internet, but they have their livings to make first and things just don't seem to happen fast enough to suit me.

I have not had time tonight to double check all of the groups but I know I am a member of the bloggers and the Diggers for Pickens Plan. A good start but only a start! I need people building Hub Pages and Squidoo lenses, adding Pickens Plan to all of your online profiles, The list is… Continue

Posted on September 24, 2008 at 10:26pm

Are We Staying Here Or Moving Forward?

I have seen many posts and articles on politics here in the Pickens Plan site. This is all well and good to keep up with them but that is being done everywhere! It has been those same politics that got us where we are today, setting back lounging beside the oil fire, driving the biggest and most gas guzzeling vehicle we can find. If that is not enough, pass a bill to make vehicles work harder to even run and call it an improvement!

I don't care about the political lies and promises.… Continue

Posted on September 6, 2008 at 8:21pm — 2 Comments

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At 3:39pm on April 28, 2011, Suse Saville said…

Hi Scott,

I'm ready to go to print and into schools with my Power Families series of three books about children who live on renewable energy farms.
I've launched an exciting, crowd fund-raising project to do this:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1642371480/the-power-families-clean-energy-kids-books-project .  In return for pledges people receive discounted copies of the books and other, unique, limited edition goodies.
Wired Magazine has just given me a great review: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/04/celebrate-earth-day-with-the-power-families/  .
So far I've funded the series from my own pocket, and now the Kickstarter Project is my way to be able to get the renewable energy message to kids much quicker, and with a far greater reach, than I can otherwise. 
Renewable energy is an exciting subject, fundamental to the power needs of us all.
Please support me to help get this important and exciting subject into schools and help spread the word!
Many thanks and all best wishes, Suse
At 8:36am on January 28, 2009, Michael Shawn Kendall said…
Hi Scott, If you agree with this plan please consider passing to other people in your district as it will be a great tool to get funding for PickensPlan projects. This is a way to help and give tools to all of us for getting more RE projects started. I have been pushing for the sell of US Treasury "Energy Independence Savings Bonds". Savings bonds are normally purchased in $25 increments. This gives a way for just about any American to tighten their belts just a bit by skipping a meal at McDonalds or Pizza Hut and buying a RE savings bond to support a project. I need help pushing this project, I've faxed and emailed many in Congress/Senate already. My email is ke6cvh@yahoo.com. Here is a copy of a fax sent to Nancy Pelosi yesterday:

Honorable Speaker of the House Congresswoman Pelosi,

I am an Electronic Technician Chief in the US Navy with 27 years service stationed overseas. I’m outlying an idea to assist and work with current plans for achieving energy independence. I urge you, as speaker of the house and the driving force to form the select committee on energy independence and global warming, consider for discussion and introduction into the house US Treasury Savings Bonds for Energy Independance.
In WWII America sold war bonds supporting the war effort. When young, my mother told me her primary school raised enough money through bonds to build a tank to support troops. I am impressed with the patriotism and purpose of our greatest generation that accomplished so much.

Selling energy bonds for RE (Renewable Energy) development would lower foreign oil imports and assist with the complex problem of funding. Bonds sold as “Energy S” could support new solar trough plants, “Energy W” to support wind farms, Energy “H” to support hydroelectric plants, Energy “T” to support RE transportation such as electric bullet train routes powered by RE, Energy "C" COOPS for small communities only needing a small quantity of turbines, and Energy “I” for needed infrastructure high voltage power lines to the RE site. Bonds will have the project name and include an artist’s perspective of the project and an American flag. President Obama had great success with the internet during his campaign. In a similar manner, using the internet, energy bonds could have a website listing current projects and an “electronic checkout” could purchase a bond $25 or higher. Simpler methods of payment such as “PAYPAL” and credit cards would be available and after an electronic purchase is complete a color print out of the bond is available with a follow up of the bond in the mail. The website would limit quantity of projects for each category until funding is complete. After a project becomes funded, a new project will be available. A tab on the site will show history and status of previous projects. Purchasers may take great pride in “collecting” and displaying bonds of various RE projects and participating at different levels of financial support. Solar trough plants in the multi-hundred MW size capacity with molten salt energy storage in California, Arizona, and West Texas can provide a major portion of electric needs. North Dakota has potential to support 1/3 of our nations electric needs in it’s class 4 wind zone areas. There are plenty of suitable proposed wind turbine farms now around the nation to significantly increase our RE if funded. Mid sized hydro-electric has not been used in America to it’s full potential. Following the example of our neighbor, Canada, it would provide a significant increase in percentage of electric production. Developing all three we could provide the majority of our electric and heating needs through renewable energy in a "New New Deal" fashion allowing natural gas for transportation as T. Boone Pickens is working for. Bullet train routes have proven a viable alternative to commercial domestic air service and when powered by electricity provided by RE suppliers America would be in the forefront of world technology. Example, I heard of discussion for a commuter train from Denver to Colorado Springs. Such a route built as a renewable energy project with charter requirement legally requiring to only purchase electricity from available renewable energy sources would be a model example. There are many train routes, city bus systems, and government vehicles that can be converted to run from alternative energy sources and fuels. Jobs created would bolster the economy, lower trade deficit, and strengthen national security. I would take great pride in print outs of bonds with graphics of each project I supported and many other Americans would also. The energy bonds could have tax breaks. BLM lands may be a viable place to start for some projects.

I contacted the US treasury department and was told that the marketing department for savings bonds closed several years ago. I was told there would be problems because savings bonds are at the federal level while the projects will be at the state and local level. I disagree and believe that these can easily be figured out in the way of grants to the state and local level using money from the bonds for those specific projects. I was told to check out auctions on the www.treasurydirect.gov website and found them to not apply to citizens wanting to buy savings bonds to support a cause such as energy independance. I was told by the treasury department to look into CREB (Clean Renewable Energy Bonds). I found CREB to be large scale funding that a citizen would not be able to participate in as a US Treasury Energy Independance Bond would provide. If given the tools to participate directly, the power of the citizens of the United States to help achieve energy independance could not be denied. Americans mean well and the Energy Independance Savings bond program will give citizens the power at their level to make it happen. If marketed through a web page, commercials, and to federal employees the word would get out and participation would spread like wildfire.

Mr. Paul Gipe, a resident of Bakersfield CA, an author of several books about wind energy, and recipient of multiple awards as a pioneer in the industry since the 1970's has put a letter I wrote to Senator Dorgan on this subject as well as an older letter I wrote on wind COOP in JAN07. These websites are:




Sincerely and very respectfully,

ETC(SW/AW) Mike Kendall USN

Mailing address: PSC 476, Box 879, FPO AP, 96322 USA

Telephone (803) 265-4756, Email: ke6cvh@yahoo.com
At 10:46am on January 17, 2009, Alex van der Beek said…
check this out!
Real Green Solutions, with real green jobs coming to America
Join our efforts, visit my page
At 7:42am on January 15, 2009, Mark Shand said…
A little reminder photo for the North East and the rest of the USA for that matter. Good thing this was in the month of August.

At 12:31pm on November 10, 2008, Kim Anderson said…
Hi Scott

The clock is ticking. Both Thomas Freidman and The Gang of 20 have told us (see DAILY PICKENS) the only way to change America's energy policy is to build this historical, grass roots effort to un-ignorable heights. There are less than 75 days until Inauguration Day. We must concentrate on the job at hand. CAN YOU GET 10 signed pledges faxed in asap? Many hands make light work.

At 6:51am on October 18, 2008, Kim Anderson said…
Hey Scott!

So nice to hear from you! Thanks. Great news that you are still in it!

How many pledges do you have so far. I need a new poster boy for the 100CLUB! We need to be miilions strong. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal. Can you push your effort over the top? You are a great leader in your area and will inspire so many. It takes an effort, but if everyone did, man, we would send this thing to the rafters!

PLEASE let me know how many you have so far and if you can help!

Best always
At 12:44pm on October 16, 2008, Kim Anderson said…
Hi Scott!

It has been a while since we kept in touch last!

We are now over 1.2 million suporters. We will need many more if we are to beat back the damn lobbyists and special interests. Can you help with the pledges? Every American needs to sign on. With pledges we can fan out and reach so many. It is an easy ask- Boone has done the hard work. I was able to get 300 signed in the first 4 days - everyone wants to to get off of foreign oil. We may never have a golden opportunity like this again!


At 2:55pm on October 7, 2008, Kim Anderson said…
Hi Scott

Please congratulate Dianna Brown, she has joined the 100CLUB today- for those that fax/send in more that 100 signed pledges! In addition to her pledge push success, she drives the Welcome Wagon often, providing a steady and passionate hand in sharing our goals to new members.
She is a Picken's Hero!

Best to you,

Read motivational and educational thoughts on how our members accomplished this goal: http://push.pickensplan.com/group/100pledgeclub

Hope you can push pledges - for Senators, Representatives and Governors, as well as all American Citizens! We need you - ARE YOU IN?
At 4:37am on October 6, 2008, Kim Anderson said…
Hi Scott!

Need your help with the pledge push! We only get this plan done with HUGE numbers. Please download some pledges, get them signed and fax them back to the 888# at the bottom of the page. We eat the apple one bite at a time. Collect a few every day, and in no time you will have 100. We would be thrilled to have you in the 100CLUB. ARE YOU IN?

Please get your elected leaders to sign, as well. A two pronged offense can not fail!


Congratulate Karen Nardella and Craig Savage for completing the task! You should read how they did it on the 100CLUB GROUP page - http://push.pickensplan.com/group/100pledgeclub
At 5:12pm on October 2, 2008, Scott Reynolds said…
Anyone a member of some online communities or send out a lot of emails? An easy way of promoting any website is a hyperlink in a signature line. For Instructions read this post on my blog

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