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Energy Expert Daniel Fine, NMCEP. discusses North Carolina's Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing

Dr. Daniel Fine of the …


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Diy24/7 - News , Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

There is a now a completely portable (and ultra-high efficient) solar power generator which produces up to 1800 watts of household electricity on demand when you need it most. News of this solar backup generator (its the first off-the-grid breakthrough in 50 years) is spreading like wildfire all across the country!

New PowerHub1800 Generates Four Times As Much Power !

Maximum power -1800 W…


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Run HHO in your car for 50 percent millage increase

It is very easy to set up this HHO conversion kit. Goes into any Car , Truck ,Motor bike , even Big Rigs.
DIY, Do It Yourself and save even more. Full support and guaranteed. ++ Cleaner and will improve your vehicle's performance as well .More Info @ DIY24/7 - The Do It Yourself People. Join today for a better Tomorrow

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Radio Station Spot for Informing the Public

Daniel I think has a great idea. Spot for $50.00 bucks to educate the public .Now set up a donation bucket and I think .50 from everyone in here would not be hard to get. Like once a week to start. See how many people you can bring in. Make it like a discussion format. DIY 24/7.

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DIY 24/7- New Magnet-Driven Motor

Has anyone heard of Herman Wilt?

Herman Wilt, Inventor has been working on his magnet motor for over 20 years. This back yard inventor says "without a doubt this motor could revolutionize the world as we know it today". He now has two patents on his "Magnet Assist" motor and states that you can run anything from your home to your car and everything in between. A carousel of magnets push and pull against two beams and turns the gears of this new motor design. Herman says the motor can… Continue

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Fashionista Business gives employees interest free loans to buy Ford Hybrids

In a show of support for the U.S. Auto Industry. Fashionista Business effective immediately will be making three year zero interest loans to its employees for the purpose of buying a Ford Hybrid vehicle. Fashionista Business will also make the program available for other U.S. auto makers once we know their financial viability.

The Fashionista Business Alternative Energy Employee Program will be increased in the future to include other… Continue

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Birthday bonus club


Birthday Bonus Club is a FUN GROUP of Birthday Pals,

First - You join the Birthday Club - its F_R_E_E - then

Invite all of your family and friends to join with you.

(You can invite as many as you want) It's F_R_E_E!

Who wouldn't want a huge BIRTHDAY BONUS each year?

To get all the details, (for F_R_E_E) - GoTo:…


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Focusing On The Present, Building For The Future

Earlier this week I participated in a conference call with Boone Pickens. A transcript of what Boone talked about in that call is available here. I think that one of the most important aspects of his comments were references to what has to be done NOW in relation to establishing a green energy economy. What we do today and how we do it is going to determine our path for a long time to… Continue

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Were these America's our worst Presidents of the United States?


It's too soon to judge the current one, but for past presidents, the verdict is in. U.S. News has averaged the results of five polls to make a gallery of the worst chief executives. The years before the Civil War produced an era of failure: Six of seven presidents who served from 1841 to 1861 made the list.…

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Go green with home solar energy systems, residential wind power systems and useful…

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From Lady Liberty to Renewable Energy: Change - Get Involved!

BRIEFING ROOM: The White House

The White House provides timely and accurate information about the President's latest events and public statements. Here you'll find photos, video, and blogs, as well as proclamations, executive orders, and press releases.

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his Inaugural Address, calling for a…

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Reasons You Don't Find Love And Money

Reasons You Don't Find Love And Money

By Tony Teegarden

"The best way to find "love", James, which, incidentally, is just as true for finding money, is to focus less on these by-products of a life well lived and more on a life well lived. -TuT quote

Hmm I hope you read that two or three times like I did. What a smack of reality.


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My New Year’s Resolution!

From the desk of T. Boone Pickens

Hey Army,

You all set to take on Washington?

So am I.

We've got less than three weeks until a new Congress is seated and our new President is sworn in. But before we muster the troops and charge up Capitol Hill, I want to share an experience of…

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Clean Energy Should Be Our Cause!

Clean Energy Should Be Our Cause!

America needs a cause, an uplifting and nonpartisan mission, which harnesses our courage, patriotism, innovation and willingness to sacrifice to build a better future for our kids. An American Moment: Share Your Vision

We are tired of rote partisanship and long for a defining…

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Free heat- its called Passive Solar

I built my home with a Southwest exposure to bring in the natural lighting in the winter and to enjoy the sun. I just had a free heating solar day 2 weeks ago.

The outside air temperature hovered between 25 and 28 Deg F all day but with full winter sun. My home stayed a sunny and cozy 72 inside and the heating never came on.

My home was not modified from a standard floor plan but I did add extra insulation to it.

This shows me that will a little extra planning… Continue

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Please take a few minutes to help us plan our program for 2009, Thanks!

Feel-Good Gifts - Pick the Perfect Gift

I have good news to report — last month, many of you submitted stories about being legally required to take money out of your retirement savings accounts that have been devastated by the Wall Street meltdown. I shared your stories with AARP’s lobbying team who have made it a top priority to temporarily halt mandatory…

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Learn About the Climate Communities Agenda: Call to Action for Obama and Congress!

About Climate Communities: Climate Communities is a national coalition of cities and counties that is educating federal policymakers about the essential role of local governments in addressing climate change and promoting a strong local-federal partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, see Climate Communities…


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Make Sure You Take a SERIOUS Look At THIS!!


You don't want to miss out on this chance of a lifetime.. Trust me, you will be kicking yourself later if you don't at least take a SERIOUS look at this today.

ZenZuu will benefit you no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do. Listen in on at least one live presentation over the phone and get all the details. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE, NO ONE WILL ASK YOU FOR A PENNY.

Call in to learn about this wonderful gift. Dial 646-519-5860 pin code 3214# EVERYDAY… Continue

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A History Lesson---How Free Market Ideology Destroyed Our Industrial Base

Military Lesson: No Industrial Economy Equals No Army


By Richard McCormack



It wasn't long ago that the world watched the collapse of the Soviet Empire. At the time, the USSR had a mighty military force that was overextended throughout the world and was bogged down… Continue

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