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Corn is King!

What's the motive behind decision to not dynamite these Levees?


Army corps delays decision on breaking Mo. levee -



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High Gas Prices Hopefully Will Remain So For a Long Time To Come

Almost 8 Billion pounds of CO2 per day is dumped into the atmosphere from just the U.S. sound?  The U.S. vehicle driver population uses about 400 million gallons of gasoline per day. From a gallon of gas, 19.8 lbs of CO2 is created.  Do the math....



Remember, it takes about 400 yrs for a CO2 molecule to be rendered global warming inert.  So, high gas prices here in the States.....Va Pour Sa! Plant trees....Ride a bike.  Move closer to shopping and work--- Some things…


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Latest Oil and Gas Jobs from Chronos

Latest Oil and Gas Jobs from Chronos

Painting and Sandblasting Person in Charge - Ex-Pat Position – Saudi 


QA/QC & QHSE Person in Charge – Saudi …


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Finding Oil and Gas Careers

We have many new oil and gas careers locally and internationally. You can see a selection of them on our main website www.chronosconsulting.com or many more on our related site www.oilandgaspeople.com. Or why not join one of our specialist oil and gas groups on LinkedIn - Think Oil !, OilandgasPeople, Brazil Oil, Argentine Oil...we have many international options in particular but also some unique US…


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An Emerging Giant: Prospects and Economic Impacts for Developing Marcellus Shale

A report, prepared by two leading Civil Engineering and Natural Gas experts and professors and funded by an industry group sheds light on the issue.


The authors of this study acknowledge that the Marcellus Shale Gas Committee provided
the funding for this study.


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More oil and gas roles open

Chronos Consulting are delighted to announce we have teamed up with www.oilandgaspeople.com the oil and gas industry's leading job site. If you are a candidate looking for a new position or a recruiter looking to source quality candidates, Oil and Gas People will be very relevant to you. Oil and Gas People offers a new recruitment solution. As a candidate you just need to build a detailed profile on the site to be automatically matched to positions… Continue

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Billboard Promoting the Pickens Plan and Natural Gas Fueling Stations

A local business owner in NEPA - Mr. Genetti, owner of Genetti Hotel & Convention Center, has sponsored six billboards in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties promoting natural gas vehicles to reduce dependency on foreign oil.

Quote from News Article

"He is a fan of billionaire oil magnate T. Boone Pickens, who is pushing for expanding the use of natural gas-powered vehicles to reduce oil imports. "T. Boone Pickens promoted this idea and it makes sense to me. It should…


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Greenline Fuel Corporation Compressed Natural Gas Refueling Systems For Home and Fleet Use

Here at Greenline Fuel Corp, we specialize in providing compressed natural gas refueling applications used via home refueling or other industrial applications for fleet use. Whilst regulations are aimed at creating a healthier working environment, they also necessitate the demand for innovative solutions on the part of the alternative fuels industry to satisfy the customers’ demands for CNG refueling. While Instilling…


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Chronos Consulting expands to over 6000 contractors

Chronos Consulting has increased its contractor base to over 6000 now in USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and throughout South America. We are active in the alternative energy, oil, gas, nuclear, aviation, engineering, IT/Telecom and healthcare sectors.… Continue

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American Electric and Power

Mike Morris, CEO of AEP on CNBC says "i'm a big supporter of the Pickens Plan" European truck fleets use natural gas. In the US it's about 5-10 percent.

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Cabot Oil & Gas’s Marcellus Drilling to Slow After PA Environment Officials Order Wells Closed by Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica

More than 15 months after natural gas drilling contaminated [1] drinking water in Dimock, Pa., state officials are ordering the company

responsible -- Houston-based Cabot Oil and Gas -- to permanently shut

down some of its wells, pay nearly a quarter million dollars in fines,

and permanently provide drinking water to 14 affected…


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Chronos Consulting wins landmark RPO bid for major environmental planning, construction and infrastructure organization.

Chronos Consulting wins landmark RPO bid for major environmental planning, construction and infrastructure organization. The Chronos Group now has over 6000 contractors worldwide. For more details on our wind, solar, nuclear, oil , gas and engineering roles contact me here.

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Most Barnett Shale facilities release emissions

Hundreds of pages of documents obtained by The News under federal and state open-records laws, plus other reports and studies, reveal a

pattern of emissions of toxic compounds, often including

cancer-causing benzene, from Barnett Shale facilities.

More than 90 percent of the gas-processing plants, compressor stations and wells that agencies have examined with leak-detecting infrared cameras since 2007 were…


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Congress Launches Investigation Into Gas Drilling Practices

Two of the largest companies involved in natural gas drilling have

acknowledged pumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel-based

fluids into the ground in the process of hydraulic

[1], raising further

concerns that existing state and federal regulations don't adequately

protect drinking water from drilling.

Rep. Henry A.…


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Broad Scope of EPA’s Fracturing Study Raises Ire of Gas Industry

Will the EPA get it right this time? An ambitious new study of fracking may finally provide some answer, but THREE YEARS?! Why not 6 months?

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Boone........your off base on this one!!!!!

I was very disappointed to find that our leader is supporting Obama's about face on offshore drilling. It's oil that is 10 years away and as Obama said in his campaign---"we can't drill our way out of this". Our resources should continue to be used for natural gas and and renewable energy sources and infrastructure for gas and the smart grid. RePower America, one of Al Gores sites continues to be against offshore drilling. He has started a petition campaign aimed at Obama. Check out the site… Continue

Added by allen bauman on April 1, 2010 at 6:10pm — 1 Comment

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