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Boone Comments on Passage of the House Stimulus Plan

T. Boone Pickens Statement on Passage of U.S. House of Representatives Version of Economic Stimulus Plan

Key Elements of Pickens Plan Included in Legislation

Dallas, TX, January 28, 2009 – T. Boone Pickens offered the following comment today on the passage of the U.S. House of Representatives version of the economic stimulus plan and the progress made on energy policy and investment:

“Many of the components of the economic stimulus plan passed by the House of… Continue

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Boone on The Huffington Post

Boone is going to have a regular column on The Huffington Post. His first one is up and you can view it here. It's already invited some interesting comments (scroll way down on the page). I encourage all to to participate.

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Urgent Call to Action -- Call your Congressperson and Senator TODAY!

Boone and the Pickens Plan need your help! As you saw from Boone's email last Friday, the stimulus package will be voted on tomorrow in the House, and it includes wind energy elements that are in line with the Pickens Plan.

We need you to make ONE PHONE CALL today to your Congressperson and Senator. To find the phone number of your Member of Congress, go to the House of Representatives website and the… Continue

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Boone and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Policy Briefing to Hill Staffers

We've posted on the Pickens Plan website the entire video of the policy briefing for Hill staffers that Boone did with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. It's long, but interesting and provides good background for anyone who is reaching out to Members of Congress. I encourage you to make some time to watch it here.

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Wind vs. Coal

This article from Stanford University discusses cost effectiveness of wind technology vs. coal. An interesting read.

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Vote "Up" at Change.Gov

Here are two more opportunities to let the Obama-Biden team know what's important to us. Go to here and here and vote "up".

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POSTPONED - NJ-04 Group Meeting

The NJ-04 meeting that was planned for tomorrow at the Starbucks has been postponed. Please watch this space and the NJ-04 Group page for a new date.

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Webcast TODAY of Boone Town Hall Meeting at Rice University

We will be webcasting Boone's Town Hall meeting at Rice University today at 4:00pm CT / 5:00pm ET.

To view the webcast go here.

And for more information about the event, go here.

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The New Year Brings a New Pickens Plan Ad!

Check out Boone's new TV ad here.

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Obama-Biden Transition Team Open for Questions

Here’s another way to get the Pickens Plan in front of the new administration.

Go to the Obama-Biden Transition Team website and ask what energy plan the Obama administration plans to propose during the first 100 days. And check out the questions already posted (search "Pickens").

Let's let them know we're out here and want the PICKENS PLAN to be part of the THEIR plan.

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The American Consumer Institute asks "Do you support the Pickens Plan?"

Go here and vote "YES!"

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Saturday Evening Post: "T. Boone Pickens: Man with a Plan"

The quintessential Texas wildcatter is convinced that he’s got the answer for our nation’s energy crisis: Can his plan really work, or is he blowing a lot of hot air?

By Skip Hollandsworth

It’s a sultry afternoon in Dallas, Texas, and T. Boone Pickens, the legendary oil wildcatter, is sitting in his boardroom, staring at a television screen, watching a cable news commentator tell his… Continue

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