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Nashville Business Journal: T. Boone Pickens not bullish on energy smarts of Obama, McCain

Great piece from the Nashville Business Journal after Mr. Pickens' recent stop there.

Push members - have you taken this opportunity to deliver Pickens Pledge petitions and our message about energy independence to the presidential campaigns in your area? Send me a message if you need help or more information! Let's get it done this weekend!

"It's the end of a long Wednesday and T. Boone Pickens is in the Nashville studio of the RFD Network, surrounded by young… Continue

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Knoxville designated a solar American city

"Knoxville, Tenn., has been designated a Solar American City with $450,000 worth of Department of Energy grants, committing the city to wide deployment of solar powered electricity. Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam says the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory helps make the solar designation possible. "We want to be a city that focuses on clean energy," Haslam says...." Read more

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Tennessean: Oilman talks up wind plan in Nashville

"T. Boone Pickens, described as a Texas oilman turned corporate raider and billionaire with a wind-centric plan to address the nation's energy needs, brought his self-financed energy independence tour to Nashville on Wednesday.

"Can you believe that an 80-year-old guy is the only guy in America with an energy plan? …That should be scary to us all," said Pickens, author of The First Billion is the Hardest.


Inside the northeast Nashville studios of… Continue

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TONIGHT: Pickens on RFD-TV town hall broadcast special

T. Boone Pickens will bring his message addressing the energy crisis to farmers, ranchers and rural landowners during a live broadcast on RFD-TV Wednesday night from 8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m./ET.

Pickens will discuss his “Pickens Plan”
with network host Orion Samuelson and take questions from RFD-TV’s national television audience along with guests in the Nashville studio made up… Continue

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Push updates for the Army in the Southeast


We've had a lot of great changes and updates to the Push site recently, and I wanted to share those tools with you if you haven't had a chance to see them yet.

Many Push members have asked me what they can do to best help Push the Pickens Plan. "MyEnergy" is a tool that's been developed to help you track your all your hard work. It also provides guidance for what Mr.… Continue

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More on alternative energy R and D at Auburn

"Auburn University is allocating millions of dollars in building new research and development laboratories to find Alabama's best natural resource to produce alternative fuels.

"We can do work that really advanced the technology and advances the capability to create biofuels and bioenergy in a more effective way," Filmer said.

Corn, switchgrass, poultry litter and wood chips are known as biofeed stocks. They can produce ethanol. Then canola, sunflowers and soybeans can… Continue

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PSC Commissioner Parker speaks on energy responsibility

"This is the biggest education I've had since I learned my ABCs. What I have learned is that we are looking at all these ways to make energy because we have a problem," [Alabama Public Service Commissioner Susan] Parker said Thursday, addressing Decatur's Kiwanis Club, after an introduction by Noel King. "The world's demand is fast out stricken the supply."....

Parker pointed to the world's increased energy use, expanded governmental regulations and environmental concerns as factors… Continue

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Palm Beach Post editorial: "Keep red light turned off so Florida can go green"

"As Americans have seen, decisions we make on energy have a profound effect on foreign oil dependence, national security, climate change and our economy. Those decisions, both on the national and state level, should not be based on temporary market fluctuations.

History will repeat itself. The economy will rebound. Oil and gas prices will rise again. The U.S. once again will be desperate for alternative sources of energy. Florida, at least, can learn our lesson the second time by… Continue

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Boone on "60 Minutes"

I hope you were able to catch tonight's "60 Minutes" interview with Mr. Pickens and profile of the Pickens Plan. If not, watch it on the CBS site:

Pickens: My Energy Plan Is The "Only Plan"

Tells 60 Minutes Wind Power, Solar Energy And Domestic Natural Gas Are The Only Choices To End Country's Oil Addiction

Watch CBS Videos… Continue

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Fox Business News: "Pickens, Pataki still fighting the fight for alternative energy"

Alexis Glick: "When you think about alternative energy, natural gas and wind power, you can’t help but think of T. Boone Pickens. When you think alternative energy and green technology, you can’t overlook former New York Governor George Pataki. Between the two of them, they could revolutionize the way we use energy in this country.

It is not an easy task, and both gentleman have been fighting to create awareness for most of their lives. Did they take it up a notch as oil and gasoline… Continue

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Georgia Senate candidates on energy

On the Augusta Chronicle. (FYI Georgia Push members: Senator Chambliss signed the Pickens Pledge earlier this month.)

"We cannot continue to be dependent on foreign countries for our oil," said Mr. Chambliss. "Much like the ideas I have advocated in Congress, Boone Pickens provides a comprehensive approach to addressing our energy problems here and now on our own soil in a responsible… Continue

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Gov. Riley backs sugar-cane fed biofuel plant in south Alabama

"When Gov. Bob Riley heard about a U.S. Air Force plan to rapidly replace half its jet fuel with an alternative energy source, he began thinking cane.

"I asked people why we couldn't grow sugar cane in Alabama," Riley said Tuesday, shortly after touring a 100-acre test field planted on state land outside Atmore near Holman Prison.

Four varieties of sugar cane are being grown and evaluated there to determine the crop's commercial viability. ....… Continue

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Chattanooga Times Free Press on lower gas prices and focus on energy

"At the time the Gang of 10 plan was proposed, Congress had been deadlocked for weeks over how to address skyrocketing gas prices, with Republicans insisting on the offshore drilling provisions while Democrats targeted oil speculators and “windfall” profits from oil companies.

But in September, with the credit crisis rearing its head and Congress’s attention abruptly focused on the controversial $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan, the partisan energy feud was put on the back… Continue

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Tennessee perspectives on alternative energy sources

Interesting piece discussing the views of Obama and McCain, as well as Tennessee's elected officials. From today's Knoxville News-Sentinel:

"When it comes to energy and the environment, there is a lot for activists on both sides of the debate to like and to loathe about the proposals offered by presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

Don Barger credits both candidates… Continue

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Hattiesburg American - discussion of next administration's energy policies

Interesting discussion - read it and then visit our action center asking Senators Obama and McCain "What's Your Plan?"

"Karl Ficken and Dan Ellzey both make their living in the gas business, though each stands at a different part of the pipe. Ficken, president and chief executive officer of Willmut Gas in Hattiesburg, is more immersed in the natural gas fields. Ellzey, vice president of operations for… Continue

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Alabama 3rd district congressional candidates on energy and legislative priorities

Congressman Mike Rogers and Josh Segall outline their priorities on energy in this piece in the Opelika-Auburn News.

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Gainesville Florida considers solar feed-in-tariff

"Gainesville Regional Utilities has attracted the eyes of environmentalists across the nation for a trail-blazing plan to encourage solar energy production by agreeing to buy the electricity above market value for 20 years.

"The plan — outlined to Gainesville city commissioners Monday — would be one of the first of its kind in North America....

"Essentially, GRU would buy all the energy produced by a solar photovoltaic system — solar panels that convert sunlight into… Continue

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Last night's "Mad Money": "A Marshall Plan for Power"

Great interview last night of Mr. Pickens by Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Mad Money." Check it out here.

From Force Change:

Cramer introduced the Pickens Plan as a “Marshall plan for power.”

Focusing in on an key problem, Cramer asked Pickens why it was that the Plan was not resonating with leaders in Washington. Pickens responded that he’s met with them and it just doesn’t make sense that they are not more supportive. Pickens… Continue

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Tennessee Senator Corker wants energy to "be at the top of the agenda"

At the close of the Tennessee clean energy summit, Senator Corker says,

“This summit exemplifies the bipartisan spirit that is essential to crafting a comprehensive national energy policy for America that is in the best interest of our national security and our economy. By working together, we can encourage the development of alternative and renewable energies that will spawn entire new industries, creating new, good paying jobs here in Tennessee and across the country instead of… Continue

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