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Green Technology Discussion

Quick Note: Today (8/28/09) at 2PM, I will be discussing Green Technology Here with Barbara Dixon. Join the conversation wont you?

The show will be archived, so if you miss it (and I don't screw up royally) check it out anyway...

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Interesting Energy Gallery

(basically) Energy Technology Through the Ages, though they titled it Green

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Family makes trek to find a job

Family Picked Up and Went

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What's your take on Green Jobs?

I came across this recent article where the author complained that the green sector isn't big enough to produce large numbers of new jobs. GreenJobs.

On the other hand, I wrote an article about a month ago that suggests that the green industry is going to be a huge sector. My Article.

So what is your take? Is Green a huge new sector or overhyped?

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Isn't this a Depression?

Dr. Leslie: Today I had my fourth conversation in the last two weeks with friends who have in no uncertain terms wanted to commit suicide. These are not attention getting threats. They see no way out of this economic disaster. They are at a stage of their life, late 40’s through late 60’s, in which rebuilding seems exhausting, insufferable and for some impossible. In addition, my voice mail is full of requests for psychotherapy from people suffering from depression, suicidal ideation and the… Continue

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Manhattan Project In Congress

Ok, so I don't get much from my congressman and usually don't agree with him at all. But hey, our present problems call for bipartisanship, doesn't it? Check out this response from Congressman Randy Forbes from one of my recent letters on the Nat Gas Act. It sounds crazy - and it might never pass, but this might be the one time he's done something I suggested... Your thoughts are welcomed...


Thank you for contacting me to express your support for… Continue

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What The? or Now What?

As we fight for scraps from the stimulus in our efforts to preserve small businesses, how do we recover from things like this?


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On Becoming Energy Independent

A wise woman told me that all mountains can be moved – it just takes one rock at a time. In many ways this is a variation on a theme that we all know very well. We’ve heard it retold in many stories, including the hare and the tortoise. We know it deep inside, but last year we ignored this lesson to a large degree.

When many of us signed onto the Pickens Plan, we thought we were joining a revolution. We were fed up with big companies, big banks and big government doing nothing about… Continue

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Regional Leaders - Where are they?

Many people want to know how to contact the top level of Pickens Plan... Don't underestimate the virtues of getting to know your Congressional District Leader or becoming one yourself. The other best way is to contact your Regional Leader (see below). Let me know if I forgot anyone...

Thank the many of you who have let me know of changes that needed to be made -…

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Interesting Article - Added without comment

Let's get real about alternative energy

Story Highlights

David MacKay: Replacing fossil fuels will take a massive level of construction

He says most people don't understand the size and scope of the effort needed

Turning off cell phone charger is a minuscule contribution to saving energy, he says

He says hydrogen-powered cars use too much energy to solve the problem

Let's… Continue

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Tampa's Coral Reef

I was just in Tampa and the weather was nice, but it was the reef that left an impression. To be sure, I didn't see any water - except from the plane, but what I saw was a collection of nightclubs clustered together in Downtown Tampa. It's probably smart, because the city keeps revenues flowing 24/7 from office buildings, parking lots and night clubs. And since everything is so concentrated, they get to provide effective police coverage and promote competition at the same time.

So,… Continue

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Congressional Reps are People Too (Part II)

Don't think I'm going soft ('cause I aint!), but I want to remind you that Congressmen and Congresswomen are people too. If you prick them, do they not bleed. Well, I'm willing to believe that they would. I last wrote about this idea in reference to the Clean Energy Summit - with Al Gore chewing gum for example, so check the other blogs if you missed it. Here goes...

Yesterday my eyes glazed over as I heard a number of questions asked of T. Boone for the zillionth time. Don't get me… Continue

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Supporting The Effort

Here are a few pictures from Boone's recent appearance at the House of Representatives. They show a guy that's trying to be commanding, helpful and engaging. Whatever others say about him, you can tell that he's putting a lot of energy into this cause. Let's continue to do our part to support the effort. We've got to keep the pressure on Congress to take steps that will end our dependence on foreign oil. And don't forget to tell them that small businesses need capital - otherwise we'll never… Continue

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March on Washington - Virtually

During the Stimulus Package debate, we made a huge impact. In fact, I wrote about how the phone lines in D.C. were tied up. It's sad to say that many times Congress doesn't take note until enough people a calling about a particular issue.

Last time, we failed to convince half of the House and half of the Senate to go along, but they are shaking in their boots now - thinking about re-election. The other half that voted to try and help America recover were re-assured by our… Continue

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Time is Running Short - Time for Real Solutions

Yesterday, Al Gore relayed a story about the composition of Earth and Venus. The point is that both planets have about the same amount of carbon - the big difference is that on Earth it's in the ground and on Venus it's in the air. Yet we are busy pulling it out of the ground right now and pushing it into the atmosphere. Imagine - even if we aren't pushing it into the air, don't you think it was better to keep it buried? Believe me, I walked through DC again today and there is enough (cold) air… Continue

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You have the Power - Thoughts from the Clean Energy Summit

I had the honor of being invited to the National Clean Energy Summit today and I have the following observations.

Like many others there, I was encouraged by the level of commitment from all involved. Panel participants included government, industry, labor, venture capital and non-profit. In fact, there were so many people on the panel that except for the 4 organizers, everyone got one chance to present their position and the meeting still took 4 hours!

I was glad to see… Continue

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Partyline Vote for the Stimulus Package

In my opinion, President Obama extended an olive branch to Rebublicans this week, and so did the Democrats, by putting billions of dollars worth of tax cuts into the Stimulus Package. Never mind that most economist said tax cuts go into savings or paying off debt instead of into the economy. Yet, because of (pork? spending?) every single Republican in the House voted NO. Why? To prove a point on this first major vote of the Obama Administration - where he actually went to them and listened? Did… Continue

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Some Things Never Change. Some Things Do.

Let me clearly state a few facts that were true 6 months ago and remain true today.

1. No matter how asleep the SEC is, we must never break their rules - or risk getting slammed later when they wake up.

2. "Sophisticated Investors" are no smarter than the rest of us. They just have more money to start with.

3. Fat cats that hoard their money instead of investing in innovative Alternative Energy companies will end up with worthless paper in a bankrupt… Continue

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SEC Fails to SEE. Bernard Madoff with Billions. Fed Defies Limbo Economy.

By now you may have heard about another scandal regarding investor money. The media is concentrating on the big players who were duped, the major charities that are out of business and the insanity at the SEC. Keep in mind however that $50 billion disappearing from the edges of Wall Street is like soil eroding from the beach. It makes it that much more likely that the economic ocean is going to gobble up our financial houses. So, to me it says this recession is going to be longer and… Continue

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Real Investment in America Event

I just got back from a conference in DC, where congressional representatives and others were discussing ways to invest in America again. Read about it here: Isaiah Poole's Blog. Notice that everyone in Washington is throwing numbers out as to where to spend money and how much. Note too that our voice needs to be added to help Congress realize that renewable energy is the best way to solve a lot… Continue

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