Tom Ogle's Invention Resulted in 1000% Increase in MPG & His Death!

In the late 70's, while living in El Paso, Texas, a new neighbor moved in next door. His name was Tom Ogle. Tom was a young inventor who became a millionaire overnight.

Tom developed a small device that could be attached to any engine and increase performance and MPG by up to 1000%...yes 10 times! Tom patented his invention then sold it... I was a teenager at the time and don't remember who he sold it to, but it was either an auto company or an oil company. Overnight Tom became a millionaire, and the American people, and the world for that matter, became the big losers. Incidentally, Monica Ogle, Tom's wife, and their 2 year old daughter became losers as Tom was mysteriously murdered less than 6 months later.

What happened to Tom's device? A small, inexpensive device that saved gas, and ultimately our dollars?

I've written to various congressmen and senators, as well as the President asking for an investigation into this matter, but mine has been a lone voice, and not 1 official has answered me, including Senators Obama, Clinton, or McCain.

Wouldn't you like to know where Tom Ogle's invention is? Wouldn't you like to know why we are not ALL benefiting from the energy and cost savings it offers? Perhaps it's time we ALL start writing our officials and ask for an investigation and answers. Maybe it's time we demand of the media to ask the same questions.

We have unnecessarily suffered economically because some company bought Tom Ogle's gas saving, performance enhancing device, and hid it from us, then someone silenced Tom forever so that we might never know.... I think we are due some answers...don't you?!?!

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Comment by KENN DRESCHER on August 24, 2011 at 8:30am
PS: What was your address? What was Tom's?
Comment by KENN DRESCHER on August 24, 2011 at 8:28am

I heard a similar story from a Korean War Vet this Spring... About a Impala that a Motor Pool Mechanic modified to get 110 m.p.g. He reportedly gave a test drive to Arab men in black suits, received 1 Million Dollars, and the next day the origional factory carb was back on that Impala...


Been hearing about the fabled 150 m.p.g. Carb locked up in a safe of some Petro Company for years... since I was a kid...

Comment by Charles A. Laster a.k.a. Little Feather on November 26, 2008 at 3:51am
I wonder, did Tom work for Ford at on time?

My Grandfather was one of the cheif enginers at Ford, a friend of his that worked with him invented a small device that attached to the car and gratly increased gas milage. He installed it on all his frinds cars.

Then one of the oil companies bought the design off him, then went to all his friends and removed the device from their cars. The invention was never heard of again.

With his new found wealth, he quit Ford and moved away.

I wonder if it was the same person?

By the way, my grandfather just copied it and put it back on his car after they left. However after his death, I don't know what happened with his working copy.
Comment by Frank L. Reister on October 6, 2008 at 11:04pm
I personally feel that we have a responsibility to our country, and to each other to contact our leaders (President, Congressmen & Senators) and demand they investigate the Ogle invention and tell the AMERICAN people why we have been robbed for nearly 35 years, when we could have saved oil & payed a heck of alot less. I have written our leaders, and encourage you to do the same. I also wonder why the media never took up this story and cause? Where the heck is Green Peace? I thought surely they wouldn't let something like this go.
We have been raped financially with the high price of gasoline, and our world's resources are being depleted at a much higher rate than necessary, especially when we consider the savings of Ogle's invention.
Again, I was a teenager when all this happened to my neighbor, but over the years I've thought of Ogle, his invention and his demise often. His legacy deserves better, and our world deserves better. Where is Ogle's invention? Why has our government allowed it to remain hidden? Why has this travesty not been publicized? What can we do to make this public and see our country and our world benefit from this invention? Gasoline at $3.50 plus/gallon is highway robbery that our government benefits from by virtue of the gasoline taxes we pay on every gallon... it's time this criminality STOP! We deserve Ogle's invention!
Comment by Marge Jacobs on October 6, 2008 at 10:34pm
Tom made his invention at the same time that we purchased a car that went 45 miles per gallon -- a Dodge Colt made by Mitsubishi in Japan. (This was at the time that we had the oil embargo crisis.) As soon as the price of oil dropped this car "disappeared" from dealerships everywhere. Now the big news is that the car companies can make cars that go 25 miles per gallon. Whoop-t-do!
Comment by Mr and Mrs Thomas Techtow on October 5, 2008 at 10:55am
Check out this website for information on Tom Ogle's fuel vaporization invention.
I remember reading about this back in the day and it did not surprise me when he turned up DEAD!
Comment by Dayse on October 5, 2008 at 8:15am
It does not surprise me that no politicians responded to your request. Isn't strange that after his invention that would benefit the people, he is murdered? We need to persist with issues like this one. You should have the story on the internet as many times as possible and let people know that our candidates are not responding to the concerns of the people. I have a friend that have written to Senator Obama regarding being mistreated and discriminated with Well Fargo, begging for help to avoid losing his house...NO ONE RESPONDED. We need to united and voice against this kind of issues.

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