New Energy Army Meter - Aiming for 1.4 Million by Election Day

By now you've probably seen the New Energy Army Meter up and running on the home page when you sign on to the site. The Army was so successful getting to 1 million, that we've raised the bar and have a new goal of 1.4 million by election day.

At the time I write this blog, the New Energy Army is 1,283,144 strong. Imagine what would happen if each of us recruited just one more person RIGHT NOW.

Did you realize that whenever you recruit someone to sign the “What’s Your Plan?” petition, you are also recruiting them to join our Army? So please, try to get at least 1 more friend or family member to sign the petition. If you can help out for just 30 minutes between now and Election Day - even if it’s just sitting at your computer emailing your friends about the Pickens Plan - reaching our 1.4 million goal will quickly become a reality!

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