It's true, using the energy from the sun can help you feel good about the resources you use and your self while doing something good for your community and your country. The really good news is there is no better time to take advantage of solar power than Now given the fact that we are being pushed to take a deeper look at energy conservation by the current state of our economy and with a President who supports the idea of being energy self sufficient as a nation AND is willing to back that up with strong tax relief and grant programs.

It’s great for you,

Decrease your energy bills and increase your homes value. The life cycle costs of a solar system are the lowest electrical systems available. Factor in that solar systems increase the value of your home then the case for buying a home solar kits is rather compelling.

* "U.S. Department of Energy, has indicated that a homeowner could save up to $500 in the first year of operation by installing a solar water heating system! Plus the savings increase over time due to increasing electricity rates..."
* "It's estimated by realtors that solar upgrades can provide a return of up to 100% of their cost when the home is sold."
* "The value of a home increases from $11 to $25 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills according to the EPA/DOE studies. "
* "Studies confirmed that solar water heaters are cost-effective, with the energy savings generated equating to an over 8 percent after-tax real rate of return, this, according to the Solar Weatherization Assistance Program in Florida a few years ago. There's few investments anymore giving these kinds of dividends "

Cut Back your taxes. Some states have income tax credits (25 % of the cost up to $1,000) and exemption from state sales tax. (Check the incentives of your state). On January 1, 2006 the federal government initiated a Federal income tax credit of 30% for solar hot water and electricity up to a maximum of $2,000 for residential installations and with no cap for commercial installations.

Spend more time in your pool The use of solar Energy can extend your swimming season up to 8 or 9 months of the year if you currently do not use a pool heater. But if you do have a gas or electric pool heater you could well save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year by using Solar Electric Power. Solar energy has the best value, than any other method. Solar pool heating is so cost effective that currently it is one of the largest users of solar energy in the world.

Put a smile on your face. 94% consider their solar electric systems a wise investment according to surveys taken of solar systems over the last 10 years .

It’s great for your community,

Be pollution free. You can argue that the manufacturing of solar systems creates some pollution, and you would be correct, but the net effect is a positive for the environment. To use an example, " using sun power to heat water - instead of gas or electricity - a family will keep an average of 1,200 to 2,900 pounds of pollution from entering our atmosphere each year". By using solar energy you can help create quality local jobs and expand the local solar industry.

And it’s great for our country…”

Reduce our dependence on imported oil. Lets reduce our dependence on crude oil imports and by doing so it will have a far reaching benefit to our country than just improving our balance of trade. Our Federal government started numerous initiatives after the oil embargo of the early 1970’s to reduce our oil imports, at that time it was about 40% of our usage. Now we import over 50% of our oil.

MSR Program The Federal Government in 1997 began the “Million Solar Roofs” (MSR) program. It's goal was to have a million solar systems installed in the USA by 2010. In Arizona the goal was to install 100,000 solar systems by the year 2010 and to date somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 solar systems have been installed. If all the other states have the same record, then clearly we have a ways to go, but there has never been a better time to do your part!

As Exciting as all the above is, the average handy homeowner can build and install his own system for a little as $200.00. All the information you would need is included in the Solar home kits packages that are available for purchase.

See www.shiftingsolutionsllc.com for more information.


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