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Together, we can move St. Lucie County to the forefront in clean energy production by building six wind turbines on FPL property. This wind power will produce enough electricity for more than 3,600 people with zero carbon emissions, removing the carbon-equivalent of 2,600 cars from the road. Plus, the project will provide an additional $3.5 million in property and sales tax revenue in its first year.

The St. Lucie County Wind Project Will:

  • Use no fuel or water and leave no waste.
  • Use the latest turbine technology, a proven method of providing clean, emissions-free energy.
  • Generate clean, renewable wind energy for more than 3,600 people.
  • Create 75 new local jobs during construction.
  • Position St. Lucie County as a renewable energy leader.
  • Help Florida meet Governor Crist’s goal to reduce greenhouse gases.

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Project Information

If approved by the St. Lucie County Board of
Commissioners, the St. Lucie wind energy project would be the first wind project in Florida.
The project would consist of up to six wind turbines built entirely on FPL property.
The project represents the addition of emissions-free, clean energy today and for future generations in the state of Florida.

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