US Treasury "Energy Independence Savings Bonds" I need help and this can help everyone

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Energy Independence US Treasury Bonds discussion group

In this 4 part youtube video series Valcent/Vertigro is growing 10's of thousands gallons per acre of Algae based biofuel.

In this 5 part youtube video series an algae fuel summit discusses converting the thousands of acres of already existing catfish farming ponds into both catfish farms and biofuel algae farms at the same time in Alabama and other states:

Hello, If we all tighten our belts just a little (one way I could is to skip just one fast food meal of Pizza, Taco Bell, etc. and save the money to be spent elsewhere) and buy US Treasury "Energy Independence Savings Bonds"....but not available....for specific projects we would be able to all have a tool to contribute to the PickensPlan and to Energy Independence. Here is an example of a fax I sent to the speaker of the house. I need help getting this one pushed in government so it can happen. Savings bonds are typically sold in $25 increments (maturity amount but purchase price is cheaper than the maturity amount printed on it) Thanks!
Honorable Speaker of the House Congresswoman Pelosi,

I am an Electronic Technician Chief in the US Navy with 27 years service stationed overseas. I’m outlying an idea to assist and work with current plans for achieving energy independence. I urge you, as speaker of the house and the driving force to form the select committee on energy independence and global warming, consider for discussion and introduction into the house US Treasury Savings Bonds for Energy Independance.

In WWII America sold war bonds supporting the war effort. When young, my mother told me her primary school raised enough money through bonds to build a tank to support troops. I am impressed with the patriotism and purpose of our greatest generation that accomplished so much.

Selling energy bonds for RE (Renewable Energy) development would lower foreign oil imports and assist with the complex problem of funding. Bonds sold as “Energy S” could support new solar trough plants, “Energy W” to support wind farms, Energy “H” to support hydroelectric plants, Energy “T” to support RE transportation such as electric bullet train routes powered by RE, Energy "C" COOPS for small communities only needing a small quantity of turbines, and Energy “I” for needed infrastructure high voltage power lines to the RE site. Bonds will have the project name and include an artist’s perspective of the project and an American flag. President Obama had great success with the internet during his campaign. In a similar manner, using the internet, energy bonds could have a website listing current projects and an “electronic checkout” could purchase a bond $25 or higher. Simpler methods of payment such as “PAYPAL” and credit cards would be available and after an electronic purchase is complete a color print out of the bond is available with a follow up of the bond in the mail. The website would limit quantity of projects for each category until funding is complete. After a project becomes funded, a new project will be available. A tab on the site will show history and status of previous projects. Purchasers may take great pride in “collecting” and displaying bonds of various RE projects and participating at different levels of financial support. Solar trough plants in the multi-hundred MW size capacity with molten salt energy storage in California, Arizona, and West Texas can provide a major portion of electric needs. North Dakota has potential to support 1/3 of our nations electric needs in it’s class 4 wind zone areas. There are plenty of suitable proposed wind turbine farms now around the nation to significantly increase our RE if funded. Mid sized hydro-electric has not been used in America to it’s full potential. Following the example of our neighbor, Canada, it would provide a significant increase in percentage of electric production. Developing all three we could provide the majority of our electric and heating needs through renewable energy in a "New New Deal" fashion allowing natural gas for transportation as T. Boone Pickens is working for. Bullet train routes have proven a viable alternative to commercial domestic air service and when powered by electricity provided by RE suppliers America would be in the forefront of world technology. Example, I heard of discussion for a commuter train from Denver to Colorado Springs. Such a route built as a renewable energy project with charter requirement legally requiring to only purchase electricity from available renewable energy sources would be a model example. There are many train routes, city bus systems, and government vehicles that can be converted to run from alternative energy sources and fuels. Jobs created would bolster the economy, lower trade deficit, and strengthen national security. I would take great pride in print outs of bonds with graphics of each project I supported and many other Americans would also. The energy bonds could have tax breaks. BLM lands may be a viable place to start for some projects.

I contacted the US treasury department and was told that the marketing department for savings bonds closed several years ago. I was told there would be problems because savings bonds are at the federal level while the projects will be at the state and local level. I disagree and believe that these can easily be figured out in the way of grants to the state and local level using money from the bonds for those specific projects. I was told to check out auctions on the www.treasurydirect.gov website and found them to not apply to citizens wanting to buy savings bonds to support a cause such as energy independance. I was told by the treasury department to look into CREB (Clean Renewable Energy Bonds). I found CREB to be large scale funding that a citizen would not be able to participate in as a US Treasury Energy Independance Bond would provide. If given the tools to participate directly, the power of the citizens of the United States to help achieve energy independance could not be denied. Americans mean well and the Energy Independance Savings bond program will give citizens the power at their level to make it happen. If marketed through a web page, commercials, and to federal employees the word would get out and participation would spread like wildfire.

Mr. Paul Gipe, a resident of Bakersfield CA, an author of several books about wind energy, and recipient of multiple awards as a pioneer in the industry since the 1970's has put a letter I wrote to Senator Dorgan on this subject as well as an older letter I wrote on wind COOP in JAN07. These websites are:
Paul Gipe JAN2007 COOP wind
Paul Gipe JAN2009 Energy Independence Treasury Bonds

Sincerely and very respectfully,

ETC(SW/AW) Mike Kendall USN
Mailing address: PSC 476, Box 879, FPO AP, 96322 USA
Telephone (803) 265-4756, Email: ke6cvh@yahoo.com
Here are some contacts for our representatives:
Contact Whitehouse Tel/Fax/500word note
Office of Public Laison (recommended)
*Contact Congressional Select Committe on Energy Independence and Global Warming
tel/fax links for each member: http://globalwarming.house.gov/about?id=0002
*Contact Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov fax- (202) 225-4965
*Contact Congressman Boehner, Congress Minority leader: Fax-(202) 225-5117
*Contact Senator Reid, Senate Majority leader: Fax-(202)-224-7327
*Contact Senator McConnell, Senate Minority leader: Fax(202) 224-2541

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Comment by Don Barnes on January 28, 2009 at 10:37pm

I for one would be very glad and happy to be able to purchase "Energy Bonds" and truly believe that this could be the answer to our energy problems. I hope this does get the attention of our elected officials and that they act on it in the near future. I have a nother idea that might help with raising money to help us
towards energy independence. MIght work, I do not know but will toss it out anyway. Why not have a credit card that when used to purchase things from A to Z, a percentage would go toward our energy independence ?? Could something like this be used as a means to help Boone with his Picken's Plan ??
Comment by Michael Schwartz on January 28, 2009 at 8:46pm
I think the idea of an energy bond is a great idea, given that it is executed effectively. Printing money without its value being tied to a tangible, (ie: gold) is useless. President Carter tried that in the seventies and it resulted in 20%+ interest rates. US treasury bonds have always been a stable, albeit low interest investment. Why not allow investors the option of putting their money into something far more beneficial to the American economy? There should be far more money being made available to young entreprenaurs such as Clynton; willing to take the risk for the betterment of us all. I would like to keep informed of this idea as it progresses. Mike Schwartz
Comment by schleien on January 28, 2009 at 6:40pm
So let's say you can't do this with Savings Bonds because they are Federal! So be it! We can do this with Muni-bonds and marketing this to mayors and governors. What do you guys think?
Comment by Mike Anthony Fernald Sr. on January 28, 2009 at 6:37pm
Thanks Clynton

I have been send Michael K post uot all day to everyone I can think of :o]

Comment by Colorado Bob on January 28, 2009 at 3:16am
Michael -
Do you know anything about Microfinance ? It's changing lives all over the world. I've been thinking about trying to adapt it to the goals you are talking about. Here's probably the most well known one :



Not trying to change your idea, it's a great bit of thinking , just throwing in some more info to the mix.
Comment by Michael Shawn Kendall on January 27, 2009 at 11:18pm
Clynton, Yes having been in the Navy for 27 years I have seen how inneficient the government is. My first Chief that I worked for told me "Kendall, somehow the system works but it does work". I found that to be the case. It could be more efficient for sure. Many people will be willing to put their trust in buying savings bonds from Uncle Sam because of the inherent guarantees that they will be insured to get their money back. If the bonds are sold in specific categories for wind and solar I believe there will be alot of enthusiasm with it. President Obama has promised transparency to help avoid the smoke and magic. If set up the way I recommend I hope that even with a bit of innefficiency it will do a whole lot of good. President Obama will need all the financial support possible to get his goal met of energy independence from foreign oil imports. I saw on the news 2 days ago that out of 16.5 billion asked for 3 billion would be allocated. This avenue of savings bonds will hopefully put more choice in the consumers (the citizens saying yes or no to buying the bonds). Some good marketing via a web page, some transparency, a little government efficiency that is unavoidable, desperately needed funding for energy independence and we may (crossing fingers) get the solution through the Energy Independence Savings Bonds. I believe people mean well and they will make the difference if given the power to participate in such a manner.
Comment by Clynton on January 27, 2009 at 10:05pm

You could benefit from an early blog I wrote that shows how to create active links - that would make it easier for your audience.

On the idea: The question is who will collect and control the money. I don't have any confidence that our bloated government will put the money into alt energy. A potential solution might be to create the savings bond type thing in the private sector - for example using what's called Renewable Energy Certificates. However, by my estimation that's a racket too - sort of like forming an organization to feed the homeless and keeping 95% of donations as overhead. I sure haven't seen these REC companies investing in anything green...

I think what we really need is a leader who knows what to do with the money regardless of how it's raised. In fact I think (the government) has all the money it needs - or can print more (despite the inflation / dollar devaluation fears). But, I don't believe we have the leadership in D.C. or in the VC firms collectively to actually use the money to create these green jobs. I mean, half of them don't even realize that this is the right solution for our foreign dependence and economic woes. Which is why T. Boone needed to run this huge marketing campaign and why we are now calling on Congress to pass the Stimulus package...

Anyway, that's what I think. I will share the blog with others, so that they can correct me where I'm wrong...

Thanks for coming up with a solution, though. We definitely need more ideas to consider.
Comment by Bob on January 27, 2009 at 9:42pm
Have you sent this to FOXNEWS, their political team (Carl Cameron & Wendel Goler) & FBN (FOX Business News) Neil Cavuto and his team? It might get some publicity!

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