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If ABCs Extreme Makeover Home Edition can make one family's dream come true, why can't we come up with a show Extreme Makeover Earth Edition that is dedicated to safe, clean, & inexpensive energy solutions

Nothing touches the hearts and souls of viewers more than watching ABC's, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition where Ty Pennington and the design team make one family’s dream come true while inspiring and changing an entire community in such a positive heart-felt way. What the world needs right now that will impact the most people worldwide is the awareness that our Earth is our home. It supports all life forms and very little attention is given to the planet. She is our mother. Protect and preserve the Earth and you touch every man, woman, & child, including all living forms of life, for future generations to come.

To accomplish this mission I propose a TV show to compliment ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, only we can call it, Extreme Makeover “Earth Edition”. This show could be dedicated to one new energy idea by having entrepreneurs submit videos of their ideas to be chosen by a panel of energy experts and each week one could be selected where it introduced, prototyped and tested & implemented in a week and then installed in new homes and in the community.

Our world is slowly dying and is out of balance. We are polluting our water sources and more and more species of life forms are going extinct. The rising costs of oil, coal, and natural gas are financially devastating the middle class people. They can’t afford the cost of upgrading to something more green such as solar panels, wind mills, or geo-thermal power. Our current power grids are reaching an all time maximum and are often overloaded by excess use on the system. They are subject to outages by natural storm disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, snow and ice storms and people are left without power for days, sometimes even weeks. There is other alternative ways to power our world,

Make energy affordable, sustainable, and renewable and you touch every person in the world. First you save the lower income families more money by more affordable energy in two ways; home and transportation expenses. That gives them more spend income which benefits businesses. Businesses would benefit as their cost of goods sold are decreased by lower transportation costs as well as energy costs for buildings and business travel. If you can produce an energy source which is safe & clean for the environment you will eliminate carbon dioxides from the atmosphere, thus reducing pollutants in our water sources. Clean water is essential to a healthy life & clean energy is the key to a sustainable future.

1) Establish a team of energy experts and scientists.
2) Investigate and assign projects to potential prototypes companies.
3) Contact the ABC Network about airing and potential sponsorships.
4) Advertise for energy ideas from entrepreneurs
5) Coordinate segments of the show.
6) Implement the shows design team.

The step here can be borrowed from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Discovery’s Planet Earth and Discovery’s Prototype. Energy Experts and Scientists could volunteer for one week show as well as prototype companies who might be willing to donate their time in exchange of company advertising. Perhaps we can coordinate TV Network combined effort by ABC & Discovery.

The optimal outcome would be implementing energy ideas that are safe, clean, sustainable, and renewable. The ideas would have to safer to the consumer and cleaner to the environment and would have to be more energy efficient than anything else currently on the market.

Energy efficiency, energy output, and carbon output is easily measurable. The impact on the environment from a battery’s sulfuric acid is measurable. How something is built and what materials are used to make the product is measurable. May the “greenest idea” be selected for the show.

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Comment by W. Dan Chance on October 28, 2008 at 5:23pm
I really like this idea! Most of the shows on TV are so boring that people are even willing to watch "Dirty Jobs" rather than more citcoms. Yes they like to see someone "deserving" get a net house, but secretely everyone knows that several thousand people (maybe even themselves) are more in need of the new home than the family chosen. Ok, fix the earth and we all get a home improvement. That should sell.


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